April 5th: Another School Threat Made


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Yet another school threat has been made this week. Schools have been placed on a “Hold and Secure”.


If consistent with previous threats, it was likely made anonymously and directed towards Hammarskjold High School. (Update: This has been confirmed.) Hammarskjold has been closed for the day.

Students and staff are sick of this and want it to stop. A reward for $5000 was made by the Public School Board alongside a $1000 reward from Crime Stoppers.

Below is a message from the Catholic School Board.

‼️ – HOLD & SECURE – ‼️


As a precaution from a threat at a neighbouring school, the following school has been placed in Hold and Secure: St. Pius X School.

The threat is currently being investigated by Thunder Bay Police Services, and the regular dismissal is anticipated with the Hold and Secure precaution to be lifted by the end of the school day.

We appreciate your understanding during these circumstances, as our students and staff are always our priority.

Below is the Public School Board statement.

Hammarskjold High School Closed

Due to an anonymous threat received by Thunder Bay Police, Hammarskjold High School will be closed for the entire day today, Friday, April 5.


Students who walk to school will be walking home. Buses will be returning to the school to take students home as per afternoon routes. All efforts will be made to reopen on Monday, April 8.


6 Replies to “April 5th: Another School Threat Made”

  1. When you offer a cash reward it becomes a witch hunt. A kid in high school would accuse anybody for 5 thousand dollars whether they are going right or wrong.

    1. who said it was a HS kid? Might be some other psychopath, man, woman, cop hater, pedophile?

  2. When a similar situation happened to my highschool in Southern Ontario they called in the RCMP and the RCMP interviewed every student; they eventually caught the person responsible. Bring in the Federal Cops they always get their man (even though it was a woman that levelled the threats in my school’s situation)

  3. haha wow i wish bomb threats were as big of a deal as they are now when I was in HS…. lucky kids are effing up their education tho, someone needs to confess for it or someone innocent will be blamed.

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