Police Arrest a Pikangikum Evacuee After Airlane Hotel Incident


(THUNDER BAY, ON) โ€“ Yes, for the third day in a row there was a Pikangikum evacuee in bail court regarding an incident at the Airlane Hotel. Appearing this morning before Her Worship, Justice of the Peace Jennifer Neill was 33-year-old Derek Turtle of Pikangikum First Nation. Crown Attorney Delaney and duty counsel Morris were also present.


Officers from the Thunder Bay Police Service responded to a call for service at the Airlane Hotel regarding a fight happening in a room. Police gained entry to the room and found a man and a woman in the room. After running the manโ€™s name in the system, they had discovered that he was under bail conditions not to be in contact with the woman. His previous charge(s) are from an incident that happened in Pikangikum and details were not available in court this morning.

Police hear that the male had been with the woman since they evacuated the forest fire threatened Pikangikum and she wants him away from her. He was arrested and taken into custody. Police charged him with breaching his bail condition to not contact the woman.

The Crown recommends release of the man under the following conditions:

  • No contact with the alleged victim.
  • Not to be anywhere the alleged victim works, goes to school, lives, or otherwise may be.
  • Not to attend the Airlane Hotel.
  • Report his new address to the Thunder Bay Police Service within 24 hours of being released.
  • Report any change of his address to the Thunder Bay Police Service within 24 hours.
  • Not to possess any weapons as described in the criminal code.

The Red Cross is being tasked with getting evacuees new rooms when they are alleged to assault their roommates or otherwise commit crime together.


Duty counsel agrees to the conditions on behalf of turtle and he is ordered released. He is scheduled to appear in a Thunder Bay courtroom on August 19th to begin the process of answering to the charges.


3 Replies to “Police Arrest a Pikangikum Evacuee After Airlane Hotel Incident”

  1. Wow they are just starting to get here and they are in trouble with the law already like this is insane. Do they not have any morals at all our laws are the same as theirs do they not realize that maybe they should give him a new home in the bed & breakfast inn. to keep him in line then they will not have to worry about him causing anymore trouble because you can be sure if they are at it already there is going to more to come it is a shame that they had to evacuate their homes but use some sense when you are given a privilege and a free go round till you can go back home stay out of trouble we do not need it our police have enough to deal with without having to deal with trouble from visitors also. Just my opinion

    1. Considering there are thousands of natives flown in from the fires, we’re fortunate that there’s only been a handful of bad actors. Rest assured that the law biding respectful natives are not proud of these bad apples.

      If it weren’t for Pino and this site, we wouldn’t be hearing/seeing any of this. There’s a definite agenda in Thunder Bay to suppress as much news as possible involving misbehaving First Nations people.

    2. You are totally correct. I used to live in TBay and was recently there picking up friends from the airport from Toronto. We went to a gas station where we were approached for numerous items by some evacuees. At a gas station! Then again at the grocery store. Then we noticed several lying in the boulevard near a hotel passed out while others were guzzling out of a paper bag stumbling around on the street. It was disgusting to be honest. I was embarrassed to say I ever lived there. Seriously they need to rethink this evacuation process.

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