(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A number of Thunder Bay Police Service cruisers and officers swarmed Empire near Sprague this evening.


Approximately 12 officers had their guns out after a 911 call came in reporting a male in the area with a gun was walking around.

Two males in the area were detained and placed in a TBPS cruiser during the investigation (photo of two males in cruiser below). They say they informed police that the suspect was playing with a pellet gun.

A different resident in the area said he exited his home to wash his car and heard “put your hands up”. He says he turned around and discovered he had numerous officer with guns pointed at him. He was handcuffed and questioned. Handcuffs were removed after questioning and he was asked to wait down the street.

The resident tells us that he has put off washing his car until later in the week.


Police surrounded the house in question where the suspect was and after investigation discovered that it was just a pellet gun. The two males in the cruiser were released without charges and were complaining they were late for dinner.

We have been told that nobody was arrested and officers left the scene shortly after. With all the recent firearms crimes in town, police can never be too safe.

Luckily, this was not something more serious.


2 Replies to “Heavy Police Presence: Empire”

  1. Okay where has the days gone that they would have been fined for mischief? Need money for the police department then start fining. Back in my day I would have had to pay a fine then sent home. Not gone through the courts and not seen a judge but just fined. Maybe then some of these Idiots would think twice if they had any brains of course.

  2. Sickening just how thick some people are.
    Some juvenile minds end up dead.
    But it appears they find humour and fame with this one.
    I really do feel for law enforcement

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