TBay Police Association Respond to Negative Comments


(THUNDER BAY, ON) โ€“ Earlier this morning, the Thunder Bay Police Association released this statement.


Recently, members of the Thunder Bay Police have become the target of negativepublic comments, such as the graffiti found in two locations around the Citysuggesting that โ€œpolice stop throwing people in the riverโ€œ. In addition, thereย are defamatoryย allegations circulating that two Thunder Bay Police officers recentlyattempted to drown an Indigenous girl. These are just two examples of theuninformed, falsified rumours that currently exist about our local police.

It is no secret that our City is experiencing a challenging time. The Thunder BayPolice Association (TBPA), which represents all uniform police officers and civilianpolice service employees below the rank of Inspector, supports all of our policeservice members who are dedicated to protecting the entire

Thunder Bay community. Given that the Police Services Board and the Police Servicehave chosen to stay silent about the public trust issues our local police continue toexperience, the Assoc iat ion feels it is necessary โ€“ on behalf of our members โ€“ย to speakย out and encourage awareness about the positive work being done toย uphold publicย safety while dispelling the rumours being circulated by select groups andย the media.

For Instance, Project Floodway, which was implemented two years ago, includes theImplementa tion of police patrols in key areas and collaboration with social servicespartners so that authorities can help vulnerable people avoid injury near waterways.The project was developed In response to Recommendation 115 of the SevenStudent Inquest. Though it has only been in place for three years, the projectโ€™sannual reports from 2017 and 2018 show a significant drop in Incidents between thetwo years โ€“ 451were recorded In 2017 and 305 were reported In 2018,a decrease of32%. As noted in the 2018 annual report,47 of the 305 Incidents were classified asโ€œpossible life-savi ng interventionsโ€œ and eight were documented water rescuesdeemed โ€œdefinitely life-saving.โ€œ


As the numbers show, Thunder Bay Police personnel have jumped into localwaterways โ€“ an action that put them at risk โ€“ on numerous occasions to saveindividuals who appeared to be in distress, suicidal or intoxicated. Though thenumber of incidents has gone down markedly year over year, the underlying issuesthat result in these incidents continue to exist.

Instead of drawing public attention to the positive impacts the police are making on the Thunder Baycommunity, the media seems to be focused on reporting the negative police interactions that sometimes occurin the City โ€“ as they do in every city. However, this unbalanced perspective has the potential to further erodethe publicโ€˜s trust in our membersโ€™ ability to protect the community and further encourage public comments likethe graffiti message, which results in creating a more challenging landscape for police to maintainย public safety.

Why are Thunder Bayโ€˜s Police personnel seemingly the sole target of this attention? What has the municipalgovernment or other organizations done to improve the social and economic issues that are plaguing thisCity? The TBPA will continue to push for assistance from all levels of government to ensure our membershave the proper tools and resources needed to keep Thunder Bay and a ll of its citizens safe.

We ask the community to please remember that the men and women of our Police Service are also membersof the Thunder Bay community, with families that are impacted by their chosen career to serve and protect.The TBPA Is hopeful that the majority of the public is supportive of the efforts being made by their local policeofficers and civilian police service employees โ€“ they are committed to ensuring that Thunder Bay continues tobe a safe place to live, work and visit.

About the Thunder Bay Police Association

The Thunder Bay Police Association is the official representative body and bargaining agent for ThunderBayโ€™s 325 sworn and civilian police personnel with the Thunder Bay Police Service below the rank ofย Inspector. The TBPA is committed to providing our members with leadership to protect and advance theircollective rights and interests.


4 Replies to “TBay Police Association Respond to Negative Comments”

  1. It’s abundantly apparent that a vocal, hateful segment of our First Nations community are conducting a smear campaign against TBPS. The two examples of graffiti and numerous FB posts are prime examples of inciting hatred/racism in the community. Our police aren’t completely innocent. They’ve been dismissive and bungled several investigations into FN suspicious deaths. However to make such ridiculous claims that they’re throwing people in the river is inflammatory at best and outright lies.

    The problem I see is that no one in a position of authority is challenging this FN bullsh!t. Everyone from municipal level to federal govt is swallowing their nonsense and never questioning their allegations. The recent “Broken Trust” report is a flawed report that highlighted TBPS failures yet not once did it make mention of the fact that many, if not all of the FN deaths involved alcohol and/or drugs and that the vast majority of FN deaths were at the hands of FN perpetrators.

    I’m in no way a fan of our police force. I’ve seen some of their shady dealings first hand and know they aren’t perfect. Not by a long shot. However, the claims that cops are throwing people in the river is fabricated bullsh!t originating from hate filled FN instigators with nothing better to do.

    Take a look at daily court case listings. The vast majority are FN people. The preponderance of them are for alcohol/drug induced crimes ranging from common theft to murder. Someone please tell me how white society and TBPS are responsible for their criminal ways? When are FN leaders going stop weeping and start leading their people? When are our “authorities” going to stop swallowing FN nonsense and start challenging FN leadership failures and the lawless actions of FN criminals?

  2. First, a huge standing ovation and gigantic thank you for the dedication and hard work of our Thunder Bay Police. They continue to do their best work with pride and fairness despite being crapped on all the time. They are a true example of class and honour. It is very disturbing that some idiot would display a sign with such a disgusting and criminal accusation. This is the work of a very warped mind and whoever did it certainly needs a shrink. That rubbish sign offends not only the police but the citizens of Thunder Bay. Many of us are totally fed up with the perpetual accusations and contempt directed towards us simply because we are caucasian. I find it equally appaling that as of yet there is no apology or condemnation from the native leaders. Do they agree with that sign? We are constantly hearing Truth and Reconciliation but crap like that sign does more to hurt and divide people than bring them together. Recently, it has been noted that some other communities are not stepping up to the plate to take in native people who are evacuated for fires. I have no idea but, It makes me wonder if it could it be those communities prefer to pass on the risk of be labelled as racist, dragged through the muck on national TV and treated with such contempt by the some native people? I do hope the moron who put up that sign is caught and charged with everything the law can possibly lay on them. Our police have nothing to be ashamed of but there are other members in this community who need to end THEIR appalling racist comments and odious behaviors.

  3. Sad reality. First Nations people are marginalized ,there can be no doubt. However it seems many First Nations people especially the younger groups just downright have hate filled hearts when it comes to getting along in society.
    This will never serve them or those like them well. It will only make non first Nations, who on a whole have little understanding of FN people’s situation even more bigoted.
    Something needs to change. I take no comfort in seeing any of this stuff going on. People turn away and harden their hearts when then see all this hate.

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