Sioux Lookout in Crisis… Until Friday


(SIOUX LOOKOUT, ON) โ€“ Sioux Lookout, a small northern community is in crisis as they have run out of an essential.


The LCBO has run out of one of their best sellers and likely their most stolen item, Kellyโ€™s Fine Wine.

Empty containers of the wine can be seen along the McIntyre floodway here in Thunder Bay.

The strong wine is a go-to for those looking to get as drunk as possible on a limited budget.

Theres no reason to be overly alarmed tho, the Sioux Lookout LCBO says that they will be restocked by Friday. Which is just in time for Child Tax Benefits to come in.


What have you resorted to now that the Kellyโ€™s tap has run dry?


5 Replies to “Sioux Lookout in Crisis… Until Friday”

  1. Trudeau is making arrangements for a plane load of Kelly’s to be flown in a.s.a.p.

    Meanwhile, Prince Igor will have to suffice. Due to being the day before child tax day and usual customers being broke, a “chip in” plan is being made to assist in purchases. Violence may be unavoidable.

  2. Now that Kelly’s wine is out….I guess I’ll go back to watered down rubbing alcohol (tastes a little like vodka), vanilla extract (the real stuff), possibly cooking sherry), and my absolute LAST resort will have to be Listerine (if you find the right flavor you can pretend it’s Crรจme de menthe. Oh, I forgot ANY 7% beer would do also.

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