Narcan Blasts At The Midtown Inn

(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Overnight a woman was flailing around the stairwell at the Midtown Inn.
She was barfing and tossing herself about the way.
Onlookers called 911 as they attempted to communicate with the woman. She admitted to using the often fatal drug “purple down”. Purple down is a cocktail of fentanyl, heroin, carfentanil, crystal meth, dog dewormer and more.
First responders arrived and narcanned the woman. She started to calm down and was transported to the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centres emergency department to sober up under the watchful eyes of our hardworking medical staff.

If you see someone acting erratically or you suspect them of overdosing, dial 911 and get them medical attention immediately.
Narcan is a drug provided at no cost by the government. It temporarily reversed overdose symptoms.

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