(KAMINISTIQUA, ON) โ€“ Yet another collision to report on Highway 102.


The Ontario Provincial Police, Kaministiqua Fire Recue and Superior North EMS responded to the incident.

A Ford pick-up ย that was towing a black trailer has left the roadway and wound up resting on its side in the westbound ditch.

Traffic was slowed down by the incident, and pylons were put in place to ease the flow of traffic.

No serious injuries have been reported yet.


TRCCTB.COM would like to remind everyone to please drive safely and with caution.



  1. Looks like a single wheel f250/350 perhaps.. with at least an 8 foot hardsided camper.. plus a car trailer that empty is close to 5K lbs. The trailer has a gvw of 9900lbs or greater most likely because of the reflector tape on the side… although it can applied to any trailer its very expensive and usually not put on unless the CMVSS 121 specs require it.

    Throw a 3500-4000lb vehicle in there, with who knows what else.. 900lb golf cart… fuel , etc.. that’s getting pretty heavy.

    Knowing what I know, Id be pretty confident thinking this vehicle was overweight… especially on a single rear wheel truck. That weight really pushes those sidewalls around, even with a load range E / 131 weight rated tire.

    Hopefully the damage to people and cargo is minimal.

    but I could be wrong too.

    1. sorry that’s CMVSS 108.

      over 80″ wide and gvw over 10,000 lbs.

      often those trailers are marked as having a 9900 gvw to skirt those regs even though the axles are 6 stud and rated at 5200-6000lb each.

  2. Looks like the 4 wheelers cause issues on the 102 also. Maybe time to think about banning them off the 102 instead of the tractor trailers!

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