(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Appearing in courtroom 104 this morning in the Thunder Bay Courthouse by video from the Thunder Bay Police Service station via video is 32-year-old Aaron Troy Papaequash.


His Worship, Justice of the Peace Bruce Leaman is presiding, along with Crown Attorney Misbah Haque and duty counsel lawyer Arturo Acosta.

Papequash landed himself behind bars over the last 24 hours or so due to breach his probation. His charge is:

  • Failure to comply with probation (not contact 1 person)

The Crown indicates that this is a Crown onus situation, but he is not prepared to consent to Papequash’s release, and he begins to explain why.

Papequash’s criminal record has 3 breaching bail conditions convictions. He also had bail conditions not to contact the same person he is alleged to have contacted and breached those 3 times.


During one of those breaches, he assaulted the victim and was convicted of that.

His probation is to not contact this person, and he was alleged to have entered the persons home, an argument ensued and the neighbours called the police which lead to his arrest for breaching probation.

The Crown is willing to release Papequash, but only with a surety, the Crown further requests a 516(2) order which will put the condition on Papequash to not contact the same person he is not supposed to contact while in custody.

Duty counsel requests a remand to tomorrow to prepare the surety release.

His Worship Leaman, orders Papequas remanded into custody to await his court date tomorrow. Papequash is sent back to his cell at the TBPS station to await prisoner transport to the Thunder Bay District Jail, where he will spend at least the night.



  1. We all have made a mistakes in life arron is only 32 im sure he feels remourseful and the victim has no resson to feel threatened.

    1. Hello Gerry, You’re correct. We ALL make mistakes. It’s how we deal with them in life that make the difference. In saying that, your logic is flawed as this guy has made the same “Mistake” quite a few times. I’m sure he’s remorseful, Until tomorrow. For Aaron, this scenario is becoming just like the movie, “Ground Hog Day”. Same sh&t over and over.
      I also think your comment is biased as you have the same last name. Lets ask his victim(s) what they think of your comment. My guess is it would be a hell of a lot different than what you wrote.

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