Dangerous Driver Smashes Police Car, Fence, Street Sign, Sentenced Today


38-year-old Jonathan Maxton is appearing in court today to plead guilty to charges stemming from a November 10th, 2017 incident where he was driving dangerously, sideswiped a police car, struck a fence and street sign, escaped, and was later found hiding under a deck.


Here is the Thunder Bay Police Service media release following the incident.

Thunder Bay Police Service officers arrested and charged a Thunder Bay man with various offences after he led police on an early morning pursuit.

On November 10, 2017, at 2:16 a.m. uniformed officers attempted to conduct a traffic stop of a white pickup truck travelling eastbound on Gore Street. The driver ignored the officerโ€™s attempt and a pursuit followed.

The driver collided with a fence, street sign and police cruiser before stopping the vehicle on Brock Street and fleeing on foot.


Officers located the suspect at 2:24 a.m. under the deck of a Ford Street home and placed him under arrest. Following the arrest, police learned the accused was wanted for failing to attend provincial court and was a prohibited driver.

Jonathan Maxton, 38, of Thunder Bay, is charged with:

ยท Dangerous Operation of a Motor vehicle
ยท Flight from Police
ยท Resist Peace Officer
ยท Failure to Stop at Scene of Accident

The accused appeared in court on Friday, Nov. 10 and was released with a future court date.

In court today presiding is His Worship, Justice Marc Bode, with Crown Attorney Emily Delaney and defence lawyer Aranka Golphy.

Maxton well-dressed, with his hair back in a pony tail. He is about 6โ€™2โ€ณ and around 180lbs fit. He is soft-spoken and polite in his responses throughout the hearing.


Justice Bode inquires directly to Maxton about whether he is voluntarily entering a guilty plea, or if anyone has threatened him or offered him anything to take the guilty plea, Maxton responds with a โ€œnoโ€.

Charges against Maxton are read out before the courts:

  • Dangerous operation of a motor vehicle while suspended
  • Failure to stop for police (Flight from police)
  • Obstruct Police Officer
  • Failure to stop at a stop sign

The crown attorney notes that Maxton has no previous criminal record, only driving offences. Also that during this incident, Maxton had not only drove into a cop car but also went through 6 stops signs without stopping.

Maxton has a 16-year-old son and has been taking steps to get into counselling. It is noted that he has had a couple deaths in his family in recent history, which has caused him great stress but is still no excuse for his behaviour, and he takes full responsibility for what he has done, Golphy points out.

The crown and defence have a joint submission ready for Justice Bode to consider. The submission recommends a 6-month conditional sentence order with a 1-year driving suspension.

Justice Bode makes it known that he believesย for these facts, a six months conditional sentence wouldnโ€™t be appropriate. Justice Bode stands down the case to give some time to decide what would be more appropriate.


After some time, court resumes and Justice Bode addresses the sentence. Justice Bode says that although Maxton doesnโ€™t have any criminal record, he does have a โ€œBrutal highway traffic act recordโ€ and that Maxton โ€œDrives all the timeโ€ with no license, no insurance, etc. He also mentions how Maxton had โ€œdriven through westfort dangerouslyโ€ and that the only way house arrest would be appropriate would be โ€œhouse arrest on the strictest termsโ€.

โ€œI am not comfortable with something lessโ€ Justice bode adds that โ€œhe ainโ€™t driving ever againโ€ in regards to Maxton.

Justice Bode explains his decision for the strict six-month conditional sentence and driving ban to the court, โ€œHis behaviours so dangerous and itโ€™s so clear he doesnโ€™t listen to what other courts say that I need to send a strong message.โ€

Justice Bode hands out the conditions he has decided on.

  • Keep the peace and be of good behaviour

Justice bode pauses for a second to address Maxton directly, and informs him that keeping the peace means following the law, and that โ€œIf you drive, you are breaking the lawโ€

  • Report to supervisor
  • Remain in Ontario
  • Notify supervisor of change of employment or address
  • Home confinement for 6 months except Between 9 am and noon on Saturdays, medical emergencies of the immediate family, medical or dental appointments, and counselling appointments.
  • Must present himself to the door when police or supervisors request it.
  • No alcohol or drugs.

Justice Bode addresses Maxton one final time โ€œYour behaviour is the kind of behaviour that requires the justice system to send a strong message.โ€


Justice bode continues โ€œI am going to prohibit you from driving for five years.โ€ His Worship adds โ€œThatโ€™s in addition to any highway traffic act penaltiesโ€ Justice Bode explains โ€œThatโ€™s because your record is terrible and the act was horribleโ€

In closing, Justice Bode addresses Maxton directly โ€œYou canโ€™t do this anymore, please understand if you do this again, you could be looking at a low-end penitentiary sentenceโ€