Appearing this morning, Good Friday, Friday March 30,2018 via video from the Thunder Bay Police Station in Courtroom 104 are 2 individuals from Toronto who were arrested yesterday.

It’s W.A.S.H. (Weekend And Statutory Holiday) Court today. Her Worship, Zelda Kitchekeesik is presiding. Federal Crown Ron Poirier and Provincial Crown Jane Ann McGill are here along with Duty Counsel Lianne Roberge.

A 20 year old male, MONROE ROBERT BLACKWOOD from Toronto and a 21 year old female DENNY HABTOM from Toronto are facing numerous charges related to loaded guns and drugs. Both Blackwood and Habtom are of small and slim stature with very dark complexions.

On the 29th of March, 2018 at approximately 11:15 am officers with the Guns and Gangs unit executed a Controlled Drugs and Substances Act Search Warrant at a multi-residential unit located on South Cumberland Street.


A 20 year old male MONROE BLACKWOOD and a 21 year old female DENNY HABTOM from Toronto were arrested without incident.
A loaded semi- automatic handgun and a sawed off shotgun with ammunition were seized.

Officers also discovered $7000.00 in cash as well as $4000.00 worth of cocaine and crack cocaine.

Both persons face a variety of firearms and drug charges.

Court hears allegations that Thunder Bay Police had both individuals under surveillance for months. Firearms seized are :
– a loaded .45 caliber handgun
– a loaded, sawed off, pump action 12 gauge shotgun with serial numbers removed.

Neither individual has a license to possess firearms. Court hears allegations that BLACKWOOD has a weapons prohibition from 2013 in Hamilton.

NEITHER CROWN IS CONSENTING TO THEIR RELEASE. This is a reverse onus situation. The defendants must show why they should be released.


Habtom is indicating her lawyer will be Karen Scullion. Blackwood is trying to get David Dubinsky.

A special bail hearing will be required for each of the accused that will be longer than 2 hours. These special bail hearings need to be approved by Senior Regional Justice of the Peace Bernard Caron.

On Tuesday, April 3,2018, both accused will return by video. Their lawyers will meet with His Worship Caron to schedule special bail hearings longer than 2 hours each.

BLACKWOOD is being transferred to Thunder Bay Jail and HABTOM is being transferred to Thunder Bay Correctional Center.

Pictured is Denny Habtom.
A picture of Monroe Blackwood was not found.

With files from Thunder Bay Police Service