IMAGINE…. The Dean of our Law School in Thunder Bay has resigned citing systemic racism.


(OPINION) – IMAGINE…if you lived in a city that had a law school.


IMAGINE….if you hired someone from another country to be the Dean of the Law School

IMAGINE….if the person you hired to be Dean didn’t become licensed in Ontario to be a lawyer.

IMAGINE….the Dean is in charge of an entire law school but isn’t a lawyer who’s licensed to practice law where they are teaching.

IMAGINE….what the only reason they hired someone from outside Canada


IMAGINE….the reasons why the Dean might not have become certified.

IMAGINE….there were 2 other candidates ahead of you on the selection list in front of the hiring committee.

IMAGINE…. One didn’t accept the job because of the pay, the other didn’t haven’t a required reference.

IMAGINE…. The hiring committee selected her by default.

IMAGINE…. Being introduced by the Vice Provost two years ago, all they talked about was how she was “groundbreaking”. But no mention of what a good Dean she would be.

IMAGINE…..That a law school has an excellent local lawyer to teach trusts law. A very important topic.


IMAGINE….The Dean of the law school firing the guy who teaches trusts law because he had a tradition of taking students to the pub on the last day of school.

IMAGINE….That your law school hasn’t taught trusts in two years because your Dean hasn’t found a replacement.


IMAGINE…. A Dean that has burned bridges left right and center between the school and local bar association

IMAGINE…. That bridge burning is so bad that it may cause the law school to lose the IPC (Integrated Practice Curriculum) program and go back to articling

IMAGINE…. Firms were just dropping off the list, saying they don’t want to collaborate with the school anymore because of her. Not systemic racism, but her.

IMAGINE…. Your law school only has 180 students and bills itself with small classes.


IMAGINE….A new dean who comes in and doesn’t allow students to be on a first name basis with staff.

IMAGINE….Excellent support staff quitting because their leader isn’t really a leader.

IMAGINE….On the first day of the school year that the Dean of a law school says “now my goal is to turn this into a real law school” .. You know cause I guess it was a fake law school before that.

IMAGINE….The Dean self-appointing herself as the language police. Imagine if she wanted men and women to be gender neutral.

IMAGINE….A Law School Dean who tells students her nickname is ANGRY BIRDS

IMAGINE….Trying to find a single student or staff member who respects her.


IMAGINE….Your law school selects students based on 3 categories: General, special, and aboriginal

IMAGINE….Your law school has no minimum LSAT score.

IMAGINE….a Dean of a law school who against the recommendation of a hiring committee hand picks her own person to come teach indigenous law.

IMAGINE….The Dean’s hand-picked selection is such a poor professor and insulted a disabled student on her first three weeks at work that she’s on “stress leave” and the Dean has to teach her classes

IMAGINE…. There’s an inefficient leader who was bad at her job and is trying to justify her resignation without admitting failure. She picks a convenient scapegoat like “systemic racism” and the ineffective media just promotes this falsity.

IMAGINE….a University that has all its signage in Cree and has Programs geared towards indigenous people at all levels.


IMAGINE…. That you have a Dean of a law school publicly throw the whole University under the bus

IMAGINE….A Dean who publicly makes the media rounds on media. CBC, APTN, TORONTO STAR etc. and that Dean cites systemic racism as her reason for quitting.

IMAGINE…. Local news media is so incompetent that they just believe everything they are told. They don’t bother to check anything out.

IMAGINE…. If you’re praising a person for their gender and race, but not their abilities, then you hired them for the wrong reasons

IMAGINE…. All the media drinking the Kool-Aid and not even investigating the real truth.