(THUNDER BAY, ONT) โ€“ Appearing in courtroom 102 on June 7th, 2018 is 37-year-old Colin Ross. Her Honour Joyce Pelletier presiding, along with Crown Attorney Trevor Jukes, and defence lawyer Johnny de Bakker.


Ross is fairly tall, certainly over 6-feet. Heโ€™s got grey sweatpants on, a white t-shirt, and a mean mug on his face. He appears to be either angry or very annoyed.

Today Ross pleads guilty to the following charges:

  • Fail to comply with probation (Failed to report)
  • Unauthorized Concealed Carry (Hand Pellet Gun)
  • Possession of a weapon for a purpose dangerous to the public peace (Hand Pellet Gun)
  • Mischief causing damage under $5000 (Window)


March 25, 2018, around 2:30 pm a number of Thunder Bay Police Service Officers were dispatched to the area of St. Josephโ€™s Hospital in response to a male, which was identified as Colin Ross, chasing another male down the street with what was described as a handgun in his possession.

A Thunder Bay Police Service officer responded to the area of Algoma and Pearl street, as a caller had tipped them off that someone was in the area with a handgun. Further, they received information that Ross had shot through a window.


Four Thunder Bay Police Service officers attended an apartment where they believed Ross was, the person who answered the door said he was not there, but had been there about 30 minutes prior. At that moment, the officers heard it broadcasted that Ross and another male were spotted walking on Algoma Street.

Two Thunder Bay Police Service officers approached Ross and arrested him on the strength of the โ€œFail to comply probationโ€ warrant.

During the search of Ross after his arrest, Thunder Bay Police Service found the gun in his possession. The other male told police that Ross took the gun .177 calibre bb gun from inside the apartment and told him that nobody would bother them or hurt them when they were walking.

Ross told the other male that โ€œall you have to do is show them the gun, and they will run awayโ€, in which he lifted his shirt and showed the other male that the gun was in his waistband.

The two of them left the Algoma street apartment, and went for a walk, at the request of Ross. The other male indicated that Ross shot a window at a Pearl Street Thunder Bay Housing complex as they walked by and that Ross claimed that the resident of that home had ripped him off for $500.



de Bakker has a joint submission in regards to sentencing, which has been agreed upon between defence and the Crown. The submission includes a period of 8 months in custody, as today is Rossโ€™ 75th day in custody, Ross would have 112 days of enhanced credit, due to the deplorable conditions at the Thunder Bay District Jail.


12 Months probation to follow his period of incarceration is also requested. Suggested conditions are:

  • Attend/Participate/Complete any programs as directed by probation
  • Restitutionย for the window
  • No contact/communication with the person who had their window broken

Ross is a 37-year-old Thunder Bay man with a substance abuse issues. He has endocarditis which is a problem with a heart valve, due to this drug use.

He was sober, him and his ex-partner sobered up together, and were doing good. Shortly after she had passed away, and Ross had relapsed and continues to struggle with drug abuse. Ross was supposed to start a substance abuse treatment program in May, but due to his incarceration, he was unable to attend.


Defence counsel reports that Ross has been clean and sober since his arrest, and has gained 40lbs.

Rossโ€™ work experience is very extensive, having worked in multiple trades. He has two kids that live with their mother, and Ross and his baby momma get along well. Ross wants to be clean and sober, so he can be there for his kids, they are what drive him.

The Crown agrees that this is a joint submission, and only has a few things to add.

  • The gun needs to be forfeited
  • Restitution to be paid to the Thunder Bay District Social Services Administration Board


Her Honour addresses Ross and urges him to get back to sobriety. She apologizes for the death of his partner and speaks warmly and with love in her heart as she expresses her sorrow for the event.

She begins to urge Ross to work on his sobriety, and that his children are suffering without him. She tells him that gun incidents are very serious in Canada and that every time he lands back in court, he will be going to jail.

Her Honour sentences him in line with the joint submission. Ross is lead out of the prisonerโ€™s box and back into the basement of the Thunder Bay Courthouse, to await his transfer back to the Thunder Bay District Jail.