Appearing today in court for a judicial pre-trial is a local tattoo artist 33-year-old Matt MaCrae. Justice Marc Bode presiding. Crown Attorney is Emily Delaney. Defence Lawyer is George Joseph.


MaCrae was transported from the Thunder Bay District Jail to appear in person for his pre-trial hearing. MaCrae is sporting a bald head, well-groomed beard, and handcuffs securing his arms firmly in front of him while he is seated in the prisoner box.

MaCrae pleads guilty today to a November 6th, 2017 incident that spawned two charges against the young tattoo artist. Those charges are:

  • Uttering Threats
  • Assault with a Weapon (Piece of Broken Glass)

MaCrae pleads guilty to the assault before Justice Bode. It is admitted that MaCrae got into an argument with the victim, threw a glass jar, missing the victim and putting a hole in the wall with the object. MaCrae later told the victim to shut their mouth or their teeth would be knocked out.

MaCrae was later released on a recognizance after this incident, with one of his conditions being to have no contact or communication with the victim. MaCrae would fail to uphold these conditions twice.


MaCrae was further charged twice for two separate incidents where he failed to abide by his bail conditions.

  • Failure to Comply (Do not contact/communicate) (Dec 8th 2018)
  • Disobey Lawful Order (Do Not Contact/Communicate) (Jan 18th-21st 2018)

It is read in court that MaCrae was contacting the victim not only through Facebook messages, but also, while in custody, had a three-way call from jail where he was speaking to the victim. The victim’s statement claims that they identified MaCrae’s voice on the phone.

MaCrae has a criminal record as recent as a 2016 mischief charge, with nothing serious since 2006, which is considered a significant amount of time to the courts. MaCrae pleads guilty to all charges.

Defence lawyer Joseph mentions how MaCrae has a grade 8 education but is able to support himself and his child through his tattoo work. He also adds that MaCrae has liberal access to his son and spends a lot of time with him, even tho he does not have custody.

Joseph suggests that MaCrae get released on time served as an appropriate sentence, noting that MaCrae has been in custody since January 31st for these set of charges. Joseph goes on to recommend 12 months probation, a “No Contact Order” with the victim and the victim’s parent, counselling, anger management, and not to be in the proximity of wherever the victim may be, such as work, shopping, etc.

The crown agrees and adds a weapons ban to the list of recommendations. Joseph points out to the court that MaCrae has actually been in custody since January 8th for other charges. The crown expresses concerns for the victim’s safety and addresses these concerns by suggesting a do not attend within 50m of wherever the victim may be order, along with a request to get MaCrae’s DNA on record.


Justice Bode addresses MaCrae saying he has to “understand that no contact means no contact”. Justice bode continues and says that he is taking into account MaCrae’s guilty plea, and time spent in the Thunder Bay District Jail and enhances his time served to 71 days, due to the poor conditions of the jail.

Justice Bode lays out MaCrae’s sentence. MaCrae is to have a suspended sentence, 12 months probation in which he must:

  • Keep the peace and be of good behaviour
  • Report to his probation officer today
  • Attend court as required
  • No contact with the victim or victims mother
  • Do not attend within 50m of the victim

Justice Bode stops issuing the sentencing to address MaCrae directly “I want to make it clear to you, no contact means in any way, facebook, twitter….” Justice Bode continues with laying out the sentencing.

  • Counselling
  • 5 years weapons ban
  • DNA order
  • Victim surcharge $500 with 12 months to pay

MaCrae is told he will be released from the Thunder Bay District Jail later today and is escorted back into the holding cells of the courthouse.