A 38 year old WILLIAM REHEL aka Billy Rehel appeared handcuffed in courtroom 102 this afternoon, Tuesday March 27, 2018 before His Honour Justice Marc Bode. Federal Crown Attorney is Ron Poirier and Defence lawyer is Brennan Sacevich. REHEL is about 5โ€™7โ€ medium build wearing white t-shirt and camouflage pants.

Pretrial was held earlier in Judgeโ€™s Chambers and Brennan Sacevich has negotiated a pretty good joint submission with the Crown.
REHEL pleads guilty to several charges. A family member of Rehel is present ( mother I think) and she is crying silently through the whole proceeding.

Admitted facts before the court. OPP suspected drug activity by Rehel in May 2017 and began conducting surveillance.

On July 24,2017 an undercover police officer tried knocking on Rehelโ€™s door to try purchase methamphetamine. Rehel has just pulled into his driveway on Kenogami Drive in Longlac and sold 20 tablets of meth to the undercover officer he just met for 200$.


On July 26,2017, the same undercover officer approached Rehel on Queen Street in Longlac and asked if he could buy more methamphetamine. Rehel had the tablets on his person. The police officer bought 10 for 100$

The undercover police officer struck up a conversation with Rehel about a nuisance bear near his home. Rehel offered to get rid of the bear for a fee. The police officer declined. Rehel offered to sell a stolen shotgun to the officer for 400$. The officer purchased stolen shotgun for 400$.

The next day on July 27, 2017 the OPP executed a search warrant on Rehelโ€™s home. More drugs, scales and cash were seized. Rehel was arrested and taken to Thunder Bay Jail where he spent 75 days until he was released after a bail hearing on October 10,2017.
On November 19,2017 , Rehel was arrested by Greenstone OPP for breaching his bail conditions and not remaining in his home on Kenogami Drive in Longlac. Heโ€™s been in custody another 128 days since then until today.

Rehel has been charged and convicted previously for drugs. On May 8, 2013, the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Greenstone Detachment received a call from a concerned parent about possible drug use by her child. Rehel was allegedly dealing prescription drugs to a child. Rehel was under a previous weapons prohibition when he sold the stolen gun to undercover OPP officer. This is the most serious charge facing Rehel and is subject to a 3 year minimum sentence. However, the Crown Attorney is agreeing to go below the minimum.

Judge Bode hears the joint submission. He agrees to give enhanced credit for first 75 days in jail to 113 days. But for second jail period of 128 days, he will not enhance because of the breach. So heโ€™s receiving about 8 months credit for time served. But Judge Bode agrees to an extra 16 months of jail on top of that for Rehel.

Rehel will pay restitution of 700$ to OPP for money used to buy drugs and gun as well as 1100$ victim surcharge fine. Heโ€™s getting 12 months of probation as well as DNA order and lifetime weapons ban.


Judge Bode tells Rehel โ€œ These Offences are enough to warrant federal time. You can be assured if you appear in court again with similar charges that youโ€™ll be off to Stoney Mountainโ€. Rehel looks sad as Judge tells him that.

His Honour tells the court that because Rehel cooperated with police after his arrest and because he has addiction issue that he will recommend the Algoma Detention and Treatment Center for Rehel to serve his time. Remaining charges are withdrawn
Rehel is led out of Courtroom by Thunder Bay Police and his crying family member(Mother?) leaves as well.

The Judge forgot one charge on the sheet. The bail breach. He calls for Rehel back to Courtroom. Another 30 days concurrent.
Rehel asks โ€œ So how much time do I have to do ?โ€

His Honour replies โ€œYou got an extra 16 months after today.โ€

Rehel will most likely be released in about 11 months.



ANNETTE WESLEY, age 35, of Longlac
Trafficking Methamphetamine
Possession of Property Obtained by Crime under $5000 X 2
Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking in Methamphetamine
Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking in Cannabis

Next scheduled appearance for Annette Wesley is June 7,2018 in Geraldton to TAKE PLEA. (Means she will most likely plead guilty)