There were some arrests of visiting hockey players in Dryden since yesterday involving alcohol and/or violence in separate incidents.


Appearing by telephone this morning Sunday, March 18, 2018, in Thunder Bay WASH (Weekend And Statutory Holiday) Court from Dryden OPP Station this was 3 different individuals.

Justice of the Peace Marcel Donio is behind the bench, Trevor Jukes is Crown Attorney and Joy Wakefield is Duty Counsel.

TYRELL FIDDLER of Sandy Lake 88 Indian Reserve was arrested by Dryden OPP last evening. Court hears allegations of Fiddler drinking a 750ml bottle of vodka, then assaulting and choking a woman at a private home. Police arrived and found a woman with marks on her neck and a swollen eye.

Heโ€™s released on 300$ no deposit recognizance and ordered to stay out of Dryden except for court dates and not to contact the victim. Heโ€™s also ordered to not drink alcohol. Fiddler is allowed to stay in Dryden until his hockey team leaves to drive the winter road back to Sandy Lake tomorrow.


His next court appearance is April 9, 2018, in Dryden.

PETER SEMPLE, 26, OF Kasabonika Lake Indian Reserve was arrested yesterday after an alleged incident at the Best Western Inn in which Semple is alleged to have broken a bathroom door open so he could assault a woman. Hotel Security arrived and removed Semple from the room to await the arrival of Dryden OPP. Semple Is alleged to have run away but Dryden OPP caught and arrested him.

He was released this morning on a 300$ no deposit recognizance. Heโ€™s not to have contact with his victim and not to drink alcohol. He has a criminal record involving alcohol. The court hears that his Indian Reserve is a dry Reserve. His hockey team is leaving Dryden tomorrow.

His next court appearance is April 9, 2018, in Dryden court.

NATHANIEL QUEQUISH, 24, of Weagamow Lake 87 Indian Reserve was allegedly very intoxicated near the Comfort Inn when he was arrested by Dryden OPP. Quequish is already out on an undertaking for other criminal charges and is on probation for previous criminal convictions. He had one condition on his undertaking. He wasnโ€™t to consume alcohol.

Heโ€™s asked if he has a lawyer. He responds โ€œ Not sureโ€.
Heโ€™ll be leaving Dryden to go home tomorrow.


Heโ€™s released on recognizance with the same condition not to consume alcohol. His next court appearance is March 26, 2018, in Dryden.


From Thunder Bay Courthouse โ€“ Inside Edition