(THUNDER BAY, ON) โ€“ Appearing in courtroom 104 from the Thunder Bay Police Service station by video is 26-year-old Brittany Angel Kis. Justice of the Peace Thomas Logan, Crown attorney Katrina Van Kissel, and defence lawyer David Young.


Kis appears to be roughly 5-foot-6-inches tall, blonde hair, and almost alarmingly skinny.

Shes charged today with the following:

  • Breach of Probabtion (Keep the peace and be of good behaviour)
  • Theft under $5000 (Wal-Mart Property)
  • At least 9 other charges stemming from previous legal matters

David young is in court, and ready to represent Kis, as she has used him in the past, yet this morning a court official indicates that Kis has contacted another lawyer. Kis is asked if she would like to use David Young or the other lawyer she contacted, she replies with โ€œWell if heโ€™s there yeahโ€. David Young replies โ€œwhat a ringing endorsement!โ€ and some chuckles are heard through the courtroom.

The Crown is opposed to the release of Kis, mentioning the significant amount of โ€œfailure to complyโ€ charges she has, and indicates substantial primary grounds concerns. The Crown wants to hold Kis to show cause as to what she believes she should be released.


David young requests a bail hearing for Kis on the following Tuesday, His Worship grants the request and Kis is lead back to her cell.

Primary grounds indicates the crown doesnโ€™t believe the likelihood of Kis returning for her court date is significant enough to release her.

Photo Source: Thunder Bay Police Service Wanted Wednesday