Dease Shooting has ties to Fatal Bethune Fire

(THUNDER BAY, ON) – The lone fatality from a house fire that erupted suspiciously on Bethune street earlier this year has ties to the Dease street shooting. We are going to present some information below about this.
Christopher Witzell, who is now deceased, was dating Destiny Pappassay, the daughter of Holly Pappassay, suspected shooter in the Dease Street Incident. During his time dating her, he would keep her by his side so that she would not be forced into prostitution by the vicious southern Ontario gang members who had taken over her mother’s house.
This had a financial impact on the Pappassay trap house as well as the gang members who were running it. The southern Ontario gang members are suspected to be of Somali descent.
Witzell had angered the Somali gang members by getting in the way of their human trafficking ambitions. Not having Destiny in their grips was costing them money. Witzell stood strong and continued to defy their demands for him to relinquish her. It was well known that Witzell did not get along with Holly or Tabatha over this, among other issues.

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Witzell’s body was found in bedroom of a burned out house. He was hauled off to the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre and was pronounced dead. He died from suffocation. It is presumed he was unresponsive when the fire started. The kitchen on the main floor of the building, which the bedroom door where he was found opened into, had a gas can sitting in it which is suspected to have been used to start the fatal fire.
Police suspect criminal activity in the matter of Witzell’s death. The investigation is continuing in both the shooting and the fatal fire on Bethune.
Thunder Bay continues to be overrun with out of town, violent gangs. Gang violence is becoming ever more prevalent and our police service is swamped. If officers don’t get what they need to combat the situation, it will only get worse. Toronto and Ottawa have been given massive amounts of money to help combat their gang and gun issues. This will have a natural effect of pushing more gang and gun violence into other regions, such as our city, Thunder Bay.
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