(THUNDER BAY, ON) โ€“ A strong police presence was felt this afternoon at an apartment complex in the city.


Residents in the area tell TRCCTB.COM that they believe it was likely a drug bust, as the building has foot traffic consistent with drug trafficking. A person with intimate knowledge of the building has informed us that this was a fatal overdose.

We will know if a drug bust occurred by tomorrow morning. But overwhelming information has crossed our newsdesk that indicates a male has suffered from a fatal overdose.

Our source tells us that the police arrived around noon today and left shortly before 4:30 pm.

There was many Thunder Bay Police Service vehicles on location, marked and unmarked.


A body was seen being removed from the building this afternoon.

If you have any information or pictures of the incident, please email them to



  1. Im wondering if the other overdoses are related. Maybe thereโ€™s some real powerful stuff going around and the public should be aware. Hate to see more deaths.

  2. I think there is more to it then a overdose.
    I knew him and he didnโ€™t smoke Herion .
    In front of me anyways . I could be wrong& he may have stared but he was a pretty straight n narrow guy
    He was and had a bright spirit & well mannered.
    I love and miss him dearly. Rest easy dougy

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