Anonymous Submission #0052 – Academy Flailer


I don’t know what in Academy is going on here, but I am sure it has to do with dope.


This all happened at 12:30 am 10/07/2018. I woke up hearing pounding.Β I look in the hallway to find ol’ Flip Flop flip-flopping away.

I would have called emergency services for help, but T Bay Housing locks the door to our buildings buzzer. The police couldn’t even buzz up to me for me to open the door.

There was no way in hell that I was leaving the safety of my doorway with zombies on the prowl.

β€œBaby, f****n rights!”


(Editor’s note: Emergency services were called after this came across the TRCCTB news desk. Video below.)



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  1. Yes flakka does this, but they are also cutting the drugs with dog tranquilizers. The tranquilizers do the same as the flakka. I’m in Ottawa & have a video of a woman standing up & flailing away. I initially thought flakka, but was corrected. Crazy what people will consume to get high.

  2. I had to call for an ambulance almost 2 weeks ago and i had my 3 children in the van with me at 4pm ish in the afternoon. I was driving to my Inlaws and she was outside the church on Mackenzie and Robertson. I called for an ambulance but didn’t get outa my vehicle, shortly after a cop showed up followed her down a back lane then the ambulance got there and I told them where she went and he asked if she was tall and thin(yes very vague) but he said they have probably dealt with her before. It’s scary what this world has come to, it’s scary what we now have to raise our children through. Explaining drugs to a 6year old and and a 5year old wasn’t easy but I did it the best and easiest way I could without making it scary or giving to much detail

  3. Wow…this little girl is on a vacation.
    Taking a break from reality and entering that 6th dimension.
    That 6th dimension has been known to make a person do the full body tap dance.
    At least she wasn’t eating someones face.
    You know that dermal chew toy.

  4. Had to watch it again to fully appreciate what was being witnessed.
    After close examination of the video I have come to the conclusion that no drugs were involved in this at all.
    What we are seeing here is the ancient tribal dance of lust by the Flakka People.
    Real dark arts stuff.
    Notice the clapping and high pitched calls?
    That is to attract a mate.
    Im surprised we didn’t see a line up of potential mates flopping and twitching up those stairs… down that hallway.
    Each male will do their dance in hopes of being chosen by the female to mate.
    Once chosen they will enter the females den where the dance will continue for sometimes hours at a time.
    Then the dance of love will begin.
    Truly a beautiful experience.

  5. Really , No drugs involved? Why would someone write something so ridiculous? Don’t insult people’s intelligence! This is a serious problem, why would anyone want to do this to themselves? There should be big consequences for a******s selling this stuff! Sad!

    1. Who said no drugs? You’re not under the spell from the ancient tribal dance of lust by the Flakka People, ARE YOU?!?

    2. Very well said. Before this came into her life she was an amazing mother and a really good person. Believe me if you have had a conversation with her you would see she’s struggling with a problem and instead of people making jokes about it. Realize that this is her reality

  6. How horrible. She looks like she is in the process of being possessed by some drug demon from hell. Just can’t imagine how much damage is being done to her brain. What is wrong with people? That in no way looks like a good time to me. First chance she gets, she’ll be tripping out again. Once that crap gets ahold of you, it is essentially a death warrant without help.

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