Day 3: Bubba’s Bud & Smoke is STILL OPEN


(FORT WILLIAM FIRST NATION, ON) โ€“ Despite the incorrect broadcast made on radio yesterday that told people Bubbaโ€™s Bud & Smoke was closed, they have indeed been open the whole time.


During our visit to the shop, we noticed that people are happy and excited to support the new business with all their marijuana needs.

The dispensary is not necessarily illegal according to an expert that we spoke with. What we have been told is that the Cannabis Act in Ontario does not apply to First Nation communities unless they adopt it, which Fort William First Nation has yet to do.

We have been told that the moratorium on pot shops may have expired, enabling the pot shop to operate in peace unless band council enacts a โ€œBand Council Resolutionโ€ also known as a โ€œBCRโ€, which would stop the shop.

Numerous people we spoke to coming in and out of the shop tell us that they are happy there is a safe option for marijuana in the First Nation community. The business is not only employing people, but it is also giving options to people who want to kick their fentanyl or cocaine habits with the readily available marijuana.


There are a number of well-known fentanyl and crack/cocaine drug houses operating within Fort William First Nation that appear to be functioning without any issue. Members of the First Nation are rattled that a pot shop would get instant action from band council, yet hard drug operations seem to be overlooked.

It was said that Bubbaโ€™s Bud & Smoke is going to remain open no matter what. One person suggested that if they were to be shut down, you can expect them to reopen the next day.

Have you tried their pot? What do you think of the business and product?


4 Replies to “Day 3: Bubba’s Bud & Smoke is STILL OPEN”

  1. Do what you want and call it whatever you want! You are a drug user! Just because the whining useless Liberal government legalized it, doesn’t change what it is! Just wait until the dealers start lacing it and people start dying. Our society is going downhill fast.

  2. So I guess no acts passed by the province are enforceable on a reserve. Where is all this equality I hear people demanding ? It canโ€™t just work one way or it will drive the wedge even deeper.

  3. Good to hear.

    Maybe publicly airing their laundry or, more precisely, that of FN chief and counsel cleared up some misconceptions or assumptions.

    Wish them the best!

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