(ONTARIO) โ€“ย Ontarioโ€™s Government for the People is planning to provide those who are struggling with opioid and other drug addictions the first steps towards treatment through new wraparound health and social services beginning in January 2019.


โ€œOntarioโ€™s Government for the People is moving forward with a new, enhanced approach to treatment services,โ€ said Christine Elliott, Deputy Premier and Minister of Health and Long-Term Care. โ€œServices provided under the new Consumption and Treatment Services model would better address the physical and mental health as well as social needs of people addicted to opioids and other drugs. Our new delivery model would provide a pragmatic approach to overdose prevention, rooted in a relentless focus on getting people the help that they need by connecting them to treatment.โ€

Organizations would need to apply to provide treatment and rehabilitation services, and would also need to offer connections to health and social services, including primary care, mental health supports, housing, and employment.

Before and after each site is selected, consultations would be held to ensure the voices of communities are heard.

Sites would also need to have a plan in place to ensure community concerns are addressed on an ongoing basis.


Quick Facts

  • Consumption and Treatment Services would replace the former Supervised Consumption Services and Overdose Prevention Site models. Existing sites could apply to continue operating under the planned new model.
  • Under the new model, each site would implement an ongoing monitoring and reporting plan, as well as adhere to a comprehensive enforcement and audit protocol. This would help review performance, provide measurable outcomes and ensure compliance.
  • The new model would continue to feature life-saving overdose prevention and harm reduction services, as well as a new focus on connecting people with treatment and rehabilitation services.
  • It is anticipated that approved sites could begin to transition to the new model beginning in January 2019, with all approved sites expected to be in place by April 2019.
  • Ontario is planning to expand access to addiction treatment by creating more detox beds in high need communities.

Background Information

Source: Government of Ontario



  1. How about more, real treatment centres/rehabs? Majority of methadone clinics are for profit, run by doctors who are thousands of kilometres away and don’t give a crap about anything but scanning your health card. Needed are readily available treatment centres that do not have excruciating wait times. Treat addictions root cause, provide intense therapy, and rigorous follow up care. I believe that safe injection sites do provide a safe place, however the drug use in our city is so widespread. I doubt a person would even attempt to make the city wide trek just to shoot up.

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