Meth Smuggled into Canada from Mexico in Fords.


(INTERNATIONAL) โ€“ Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) and its partners have released more information regarding an investigation into the smuggling and distribution of illegal drugs into Canada.


At a news conference today, OPP Deputy Commissioner Rick BARNUM and Superintendent Bryan MacKILLOP explained how contraband drugs had been concealed in new vehicles built at a Ford Motor Company plant in Mexico being shipped via rail cars to Canada.

Employees at four Ford dealerships in Ontario are credited with notifying police after discovering methamphetamine stashed within spare tires that did not match the make and model of Ford Fusions being shipped.

Members of the OPP Organized Crime Enforcement Bureau (OCEB) began coordinating a multi-jurisdictional investigation in December 2018 based upon information from members of the Greater Sudbury Police Service and OPP detachments in Collingwood and Caledon.

Members of OCEB then engaged with Ford Motor Company to find out where the remaining automobiles were shipped. Cars that were on a different rail car but part of the same shipment from Mexico made their way to Quรฉbec for dispersal to four Ford Motor Company dealerships in Quรฉbec and New Brunswick.


The investigation team grew to include Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), the Sรปretรฉ du Quรฉbec, and Woodstock New Brunswick Police Force. Police then received more shipping information from the Ford Motor Company to locate and seize more illegal drugs.

Six vehicles transported on the second rail car were found to contain packages of meth. Further inspections led to the discovery of drugs concealed in the same manner as well as information that allowed the OPP along with CBSA to intercept another shipment at the Canadian border. In total, 180 kilograms of meth located in vehicles shipped trans-continentally to Canada.

Police in Canada do not know where or when the actual exploitation of the legal cargo occurred.

โ€œSmugglers continue to find innovative ways to bring their drugs into Canada and Ontario which are then distributed by the criminal element operating in our communities. Project SEBRIGHT serves as an example of how we have disrupted a major drug smuggling operation responsible for importing meth into Canada.โ€ โ€“ Deputy Commissioner Rick BARNUM, Provincial Commander OPP Investigations and Organized Crime.

Source: OPP


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  1. Yet Donald trump thinks a wall will stop drugs from being smuggled. Majority of drugs come through legal border crossings. This shipment passes through how many states? Just think how often huge drug shipments come on trains. What border agency will search every item in every train car???

    1. @ Jilly – Do you not think the wall will help? Or, are you one of “those” people that will just and bitch about it – expecting things to fix themselves while doing nothing?

    2. @Bubba….. I donโ€™t believe any wall will work. Did you pay attention to the trial of Mr Joaquin โ€˜El Chappoโ€™ Guzman? You can stand anywhere along the US border, look into Mexico and thereโ€™s a tunnel running under your feet. Those tunnels carry both illegal drugs and illegal immigrants. They are also a lot deeper than trumps wall intends to go. Just google โ€œtunnels under US Mexico Borderโ€. As a Canadian citizen, nothing I say or do has any effect on what happens in The USA!! I just keep myself educated on proven truth and facts. FYI there are border walls in some places along the Arizona border. I watched a documentary that followed smugglers who in big groups climbed the wall and quickly dispersed on the US side so that they stood a better chance to avoid capture. Walls donโ€™t stop the desperate, they will find a way over or under.

    3. @ Jilly – I’m well aware of the tunnels. However, you’re referring to one man with Billions that can afford any tunnel, any where. I’m referring to the illegals that cross on a daily basis that don’t have the means to pay for these tunnels. On average there are 50,000 (FIFTY THOUSAND) illegals that cross the Southern Border EVERY month that are caught. Think of how many get in! If you think a wall won’t help in deterring the illegal crossings, you’re more naive than I thought.

    4. @bubba. In the larger scope of things, only 1% entered via border crossing. The rest are people who came in on legal visas, work permits etc and stayed beyond the permits validity. The tunnels are not just by El Chappo, they are being built by all kinds of people who are determined to escape Mexico. El Chappo had extravagant tunnels with ventilation systems etc. Regular human/drug smugglers who are cashing in on desperate people are making their own tunnels. A wall will make the human smuggling business more lucrative. Btw those stats are actually at a low point considering statistics of past years.

  2. They should arrest these smugglers, and let them go with a promise to appear. That will teach them. Oh wait, this isnโ€™t a Thunder Bay thing, never mind

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