(DRYDEN, ON) – A very sad situation coming out of the Dryden area tonight. A video has gone viral showing a couple people, a beaver, and violence.


In the video, unknown people are seen attacking a lone, defenceless beaver. It appears rocks are being thrown at the beaver  and the beaver flinches in agony.

It seems as tho the camera person says “he’s merked” which is slang for being stabbed.

Through social media commentary, it appears that some people are trying to explain this as acceptable behaviour claiming that this is what trappers do. No, this is not what ethical trappers do, ever.

Animal abuse activists are up in arms, and rightly so. This behaviour calls for outcry.



This is a developing story and we will update you on it more as information becomes available.


28 Replies to “VIDEO- Beaver BEAT DOWN”

  1. Everyone of them kids should be charged that is terrible poor innocent animal. I know Beavers can be a nuisance but that beaver was not bothering anyone. Those kids are our future serial killers they were laughing while they killed it throwing rocks at beaver and kicked it!!!! Terrible

  2. Makings of serial killers right there.
    pieces of shit. angers me so much when this kinda shit happens. charges?…. hope so.

  3. This is how serial killers start out! We need to find this stupid a holes and set them straight.

  4. seeing as it is a fur bearing animal it should be left up to nearest trapper is to set the punishment for these ass-hats.

    I say castration by conibear 330

    1. That would rip it right off; lol; but I exterminated beaver with my Shoomis for logging companies but not like this; quick kill; then we would do our thing to respect the animal;

  5. I can’t believe what constitutes fun these days…. hurting an animal is so wrong …. if they killed it and i was there parents they would be eating it . This is definitely a crime that they should do jail time for.

  6. These people are vile. I hope a big strong Dryden citizen does the same thing to them. The beavers life was worth more than theirs

  7. I have never left a comment before but you kids r pieces of shut and ur parents clearly raised some hearts less individuals u guys should be ashamed

  8. this is horrific and cruel and just horrific that anyone could do that to a living innocent animal . These boys/men are just steps away from doing this to a human being, a Jeffery Dahmer in the making. I hope and pray these ppl are charged and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Hopefully they are not minors and their names can be published, let’s make their families and friends proud. Please keep us updated on the investigation.

  9. That was disgusting. I couldn’t even watch the whole thing. Dryden is not that big so they will be found out. I hope they get charged. You boys are useless pieces of shit. If you do this I hate to think what’s kind of adults you will become. I hope you have nightmares about this.

  10. This is absolutely horrifying I am a trapper for 20 plus years and that is NOT what Trappers do that is inhuman. I hope they catch these kids and they are punished to the full extent this behaviour is unacceptable what’s next a young child. This is the start of something terrible in the future. A concerned trapper and citizen.

  11. Not condoning this activity by any means, however it would appear that many contributors are over-reacting. Certainly the cruelty exhibited by those involved should be addressed. Nonetheless to claim they will inevitably be serial killers is absurd.

    Being that the beaver is in the middle of the road, I’d guess that it may have been struck by a vehicle and seriously injured. Otherwise, it would have been more of a challenge to the people involved. Beavers can be very feisty and can deliver a nasty bite.

    In the wild, animals suffer excruciatingly cruel deaths all the time. Moose, deer, beavers etc. when attacked by predators are eaten alive. Can’t get much worse than that. If the animal was severely injured, they should have dispatched it as humanely as possible.

    The difference here is that most humans are compassionate by nature and the vast majority of us have a disdain for cruelty and unnecessary suffering. Had these people encountered the beaver individually, I bet they’d have treated it differently. Usually this type of barbarian behaviour is the result of two or more personalities egging each other on to do things they otherwise would not do.

    1. Ok, Rex, you’ve successfully trolled me. “Not condoning this activity by any means,” . . . and then goes on to excuse it.

      Given you have your degree in psychology from “Google”, perhaps I should respond in kind. But I won’t. I prefer to use facts. Of course the above video is not conclusive evidence or proof that these young individuals will become serial murderers. It only shows and proves that these individuals have serious mental illness – inflicting harm on any animal (not including hunting or having to fend off an animal) in such a manner and doing so gleefully while video taping is the proof. Perhaps you can find an actual psychologist or psychiatrist that will prove otherwise. Again, an ACTUAL professional – not data you can misquote from Google. Or statistics that you pull from the air as if to state those are “the laws of nature”.

      Your logic about comparing the above video to animals being killed in the wild is absolutely absurd. Of course, nature can be cruel – but according to you, being kicked in the head, dragged, stoned to death is much more humane. Funny, I checked Youtube, wasn’t able to find any predators in the wild engaged in such behavior. And to be clear, in the wild such predatory behavior leads to the prey being eaten for food. Not being tortured for fun. Regardless of how the animal got there, it should not have been treated in such a way – period.

      That being said, you have a strong command of the language Rex, and you should be commended for that. However, your ability to string eloquent sentences together is not as strong as your grasp of common sense. Best of luck to you as you sit and judge behind your keyboard. I’ve seen your posts before – you are really a legend “in your own mind”! Perhaps you can justify the actions of the sick to the very few that would think there is an excuse for this incident.

      The rest of the real world sees this for what it is. Deplorable and disgusting behavior for which there is absolutely no excuse. And sadly, it is because of people such as yourself that try to use such videos to troll others to distract the rest of us from trying to reinforce that such behavior has to stop. To paraphrase your words, this is one “individual” who is acting on their own, without being ‘egged on’ to tell you you have absolutely no clue what you are talking about. However, we live in a society where academics and idiots are free to share their thoughts. Your writing clearly shows which of the two groups you choose to belong to.

    2. Memet:

      So, you’re certain that the people involved have “serious mental illness”? Sounds like you may be the sidewalk psychiatrist. Where did you get your qualifications? Watching medical/detective shows on TV?

      By the way, please refrain from personal attacks and try to stay on topic. After all, the post is not about me. Get it?

      Nonetheless, thanks for my morning laugh!

  12. Shouldn’t be too hard to catch them since it seems the person who made or re posted the video has their name right at the top corner of the video…….

  13. This is sickening, the lack of compassion or empathy is very disturbing. This act is just plain cruelty for the fun of it and that in itself is very alarming and should be setting off red flags in any sane individual. I certainly would not leave these cruel individuals near children or any other defenceless being. Just so disturbing.

  14. As heart wrenching as this is I too am a person who loves animals. I see things like this and first thought is I wish the same fate would fall on these sick bas’. I agree with Jim Jones, if people were totally informed and shown how our domestic animals are treated before it ends up on our plate, you would be sickened and not what to eat meat ever again. Google it.

  15. Memet:
    So, you’re certain that the people involved have “serious mental illness”? Sounds like you may be the sidewalk psychiatrist. Where did you get your qualifications? Watching medical/detective shows on TV?
    By the way, please refrain from personal attacks and try to stay on topic. After all, the post is not about me. Get it?
    Nonetheless, thanks for my morning laugh!

    Good Day Rex,

    Wow – I was being sarcastic about you being a legend in your own mind, but it appears you do believe your own hype- well done Rex! Good for you! And you’ve trolled me yet again – down the foxhole we go!

    So, I’ll bite – where is the proof that individuals that torture animals for sport and video tape it DON’T have serious mental illness? Go ahead Rex – I actually do have the answer . . . and data . . . and proof . . . and experience . . . and knowledge. But I will put that aside to hear from your wisdom. I will try to keep what you deem as personal attacks aside, given the fact I was merely pointing out your arrogance based on ignorance. But, I digress. I see you are easily offended – by common sense.

    Maybe I should simplify it for you – let’s go with your nature analogy. Let’s agree that animals in the wild are motivated to eat their prey based on hunger. So, what was the motivation for these individuals in their actions? Joy? Fun? Attempt at getting fame? All at the expense of a defenseless animal? Again, what rational motivation will explain that – “groupthink” as you suggest? That excuses it?

    OK, I have spent enough time on this. It’s “academics” like you Rex that truly believe the world is flat, and work diligently to keep that discussion going – despite overwhelming proof to the contrary. Thanks for that laugh, “Rex”. And I will leave it at that for you.

    Kudos to the rest of those on this site that saw these actions for what they were, and didn’t try to rationalize them.

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