(THUNDER BAY, ON) โ€“ย Failing to appear for court today in courtroom 301 is Christopher Watkins.


This matter was not for him to appear as counsel, but for his own matters before the court.

Watkins has allegedly recently had his law license suspended due the following reasons:

  • Repeatedly failed to attend court for his clients;
  • Failed to adequately communicate with his clients;
  • Failed to provide the Law Society with documents it requested for its investigation;
  • Behaviour is causing prejudice to his clients and to the public administration of justice
  • May cause a significant risk of harm to members of the public/public interest in the administration of justice if the order is not made;
  • The order is likely to reduce the risk of harm.

Several pages went out calling for Watkins throughout the day as well as police being made aware to inform the court if they see him in the building.

Watkins did not send any messages to the court or have anyone appear as agent, Justice Burton said.


Justice Burton says she loathes having to do this, but notes the integrity of the judicial system must be upheld.

Watkins is now wanted by the Thunder Bay Police Service for failing to appear in court as of just after 3:00 pm today.



  1. I really do not think Mr. Watkins has delibertly ignored his obligations to his clientele by not showing up or not properly representing them as he should. He is always on time and does show up for all his clients. His counterparts within the court system are the ones to blame. He has been representing a whole spectrum of clients, especially Aboriginal peoples who never get a fair deal under his directions. I feel the justice system has failed and that is why he chose to make a stand. Mr. Watkins’ antics may seem unfair but to us clients who know about his dilemma with none of his recommendations ever considered simply because of his aboriginal clientele. Until judges start playing fair to his aboriginal clients and getting lower sentences as he recommends and requests to tge crown, only then can fairness for aboriginal people can be realized….. fairness in the justice system. And a lower amount of aboriginal people incarcerated. He’s standing for the rights of the First Nations Peoples. Among other reasons for his actions, this is the most important one to me.

    1. He can certainly stand up (or not, as is the case) for whatever he wants to stand up for , but Im glad Judges still see the law as the law. Hopefully Mr Watkins’ shenanigans causes him to need a new career.

    2. Everyone should be treated equally no matter the race or gender. Aboriginal should be tested no different. If the do the crime u do the time. No difference who u are. I don’t see your point for say aboriginals get more time or harsher sentencing. They get treated the same as everyone else as so it should be. Tired of ppl saying they need special treatment. They don’t and the court guild lines to sentencing is no different to anyone.

    3. What does this have to do with anything why do people always have to bring the native race into stuff its unreal every single artical out has a binch of people commenting on thr native race its all you see what about the white people he repersented imaging if someone started saying its the courts fault and only his white clients get miss treated

    4. I am one of his clients , he missed all three scheduled meetings , woudlnt speak to me in court, i had to personally hand evidence to the crown to get off the charges , and he still billed me 3500 bucks .

    5. AT Michelle

      – HEY, RACE BAITER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Why mention the Natives? You must be the typical Libtard that cry’s fowl at the first sign of racism, but will incite said racism to make their point just to make it look worse than it really is.
      Do us all a favor! Crawl back under your rock in your comfy cozy house and shut your Pie Hole!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    6. They get less time and have healing lodges. Look at the McClintick case. Premeditated rape and murder and after 9 yrs free? What an injustice to that poor murdered girl and her family. Disgusting.

    7. Mr. Watkins … firstly (as this is more than likely yourself. And not Mr. C. White. I’d like to thank you for standing up for Crown wards, you got that ball rolling, so from a former crown ward to you… thank you. But dude. Sometimes it’s just best, to be honest. People have problems. Face it…. and move the f**k on. Seriously just do it. You’re worth it.

  2. Have ‘other’ reasons being considered for this individuals behaviour?.. Is there anything that may cause an individual to ‘forget’, to ‘reason’, to contemplate his/her actions that result in being habitually ‘tardy’, ‘forgetful’, and or, uncaring?.. This should be looked into. It is easy to destroy a persons life, by ‘insinuation’, using ‘law’, and accusations whether real or imagined, but, guilt, should be considered a ‘sentencing’ by those in positions of authority, and the work they do, by just publishing, aar story such as this, without doing some necessary research.

  3. Chris Watkins has not said he is making a stand of any kind for anyone. He has however stated he is suffering from personal issues, including injuries which have prevented him from being the person he is required to be in representing clients. As a lawyer he is well aware of rights and repercussions for his actions and it’s appalling and very unprofessional. If he couldn’t handle the workload, he shouldn’t have committed to so much.

  4. Mr. Watkins helped my brother and I during our younger years and succeeded. He has done a fine job. I will remember him as he was.

  5. Such a shame as he is a kind man and a brilliant one at that. What is it ? 7 years to get through law school.
    Anyway, I was once in trouble and my parents refused to pay my lawyer bills, I was like 14-15 he sent me a letter and told me I didnโ€™t have to pay and to do good in my life and that he didnโ€™t want to see me back in the court system, I never was again either.

  6. Iโ€™m interested in knowing more about Mr Watkins.
    Hope he has a good reason for not attending Court.
    Having his licence to practice law pulled is sad. Itโ€™s a tough life for a good lawyer. Some of the crimes they have to defend whether itโ€™s white or blue collar or even racial.
    Iโ€™ve heard he has a serious personal problem and do hope he gets the help he needs.

  7. Chris Watkins is one of the best criminal lawyers around. He tries to help everyone one that comes to him and his workload is monumental. He takes many cases on pro bono and this is why he has run into financial difficulties over the years. The law society has temporarily suspended his license so that he can get his law practice straightened around. He needs to stop doing the freebie cases and concentrate on just a few lucrative ones.

  8. Mr watkins is a bit of a strange lawyer and quite eccentric at times, but he’s intelligent and highly capable of representing clients when he is in the right state of mind. I think we have all paddled up shit creek a few times and perhaps the man requires a moment to explain himself before we rush to conclusions.

    1. I agree with you. I have spoken to him after his initial suspension and he gave me serious details on what is going on. I feel very bad for him, but I also do think there could have been a moment where he should have sat and really thought about his next steps. He admitted to me that he has missed minor court dates but none that were huge – preliminary hearings, pretrials, trials, he was there for all those. Missing his own court date could be chalked up to literally not remembering the date – as he often has recently. He’s the kind of guy that works from his phone e and computer, so in his given state and not being able to write things down as he can’t carry his files of laptop… he likely said he would remember to write it down and then never did. He may not be in a wheel chair, but using one might be beneficial to be able to bring his necessary documentation. Not that he can now. He could gave thought out a better process, but he didn’t. Stress can do that to a person, and he has lots of it.

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