(FORT FRANCES, ON) โ€“ย Sometime between 8:30 am and 9:30 am on Friday, October 26th, 2018 a woman was sitting in the passenger side of her friendโ€™s car in the Webster parking lot when she was approached by Marylou Copenace(pictured left), who was accompanied by her friend Nicole Vivian(pictured right).


The two approachers invited the victim to accompany them to inside a nearby apartment, but the victim declined several of their invitations. It was at this point that the two apparently became angry with the victim.

The victim was then dragged/pulled out of the car and Copenace pulled the victimโ€™s hair while punching her several times. Vivian then began to stomp on the victims head and hands while attempting to steal the victimโ€™s phone from their hands.

It was at this point that Vivian pulled out a knife and threatened the victim, which ultimately left the victim to fall prey to the theft of her purse, which contained her wallet, ID and car keys.

This was not the first time that the victim had been at the end of Copenaceโ€™s fury.


Years ago it is alleged that Copenace had managed to steal the victims banking info and racked up thousands in debt for the victim.

Copenace is also said to have attacked this victim several times before by throwing coffees at her, reaching into her vehicle in an attempt to strangle her, and also hurled larger rocks at her car, causing damage.

Appearing in a Thunder Bay bail court by telephone this morning from the Fort Frances OPP detachment is a 28-year-old Marylou Copenace.

Her Worship, Justice of the Peace Jennifer Neill was presiding along with Crown Attorney Franceline Auclair and duty counsel lawyer Aranka Golphy.

Copenace is facing the following new charges after an October 26th incident:

  • Assault
  • Theft under $5000 (purse and itโ€™s contents)

Copenace is already going through court on outstanding criminal charges, those charges are:

  • Breach of bail conditions
  • Breach of a probation order
  • Theft

The Crown states that this is a reverse onus situation, as the accused was already out on bail for her outstanding matters. She is not consenting to the accusedโ€™s release at this time citing secondary ground concerns.

Duty counsel requests a remand until tomorrow for an appearance in a Fort Frances bail court.

Copenace is ordered to remain in custody pending her court appearance tomorrow.

All the information in this article are only allegations and have not been proven in a court of law.



  1. At what point is enough? When that piece of sht harms someone for real?
    Canadians should have concealed carry to defend themselves to the full extent and any given moment. Enough said.

    1. So you think that concealed weapons are the answer. What a thought. We’d end up just like the Americans. People dying for what. B***h stole my sister’s purse and beat her up. I’m going to do what the law won’t. Vigilante justice what a thought that is. Think I’d be more scarred of you then Copenace.

    2. In this situation someone was assaulted but not seriously injured and will recover where your solution is to pull out you widdle gun and kill them? Go be a coward in America, you’ll fit right in.

    3. Not this person that was robbed. Sheโ€™s loco
      Not saying she deserved it at all though โœŒ๐Ÿฝ

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