METHHEAD MANHUNT: Geraldton Hospital, Schools, Daycares go on LOCKDOWN


(GERALDTON, ON) – Geraldton is currently in a β€œLock Down” situation for unconfirmed reasons.


The Geraldton District Hospitals, Schools and Daycares are confirmed on β€œLock Down”. A spokesperson at the hospital told TRCCTB.COM that they are not able to comment any further on the situation.

Students in the school have said that they are being ordered to remain in their classrooms at the moment. The hospital is also in a similar position.

Residents in the area have told TRCCTB.COM in an interview that there are heavily armed police officers outside of the business β€œAstrocom”, but the building and business had nothing to do with the incident.

Police have a strong presence outside the Pinegrove Cemetery (Photo From Facebook).


UPDATE: Residents in the town have told TRCCTB.COM that 1 or 2 men are being hunted by police for allegedly walking through town with weapons, possibly a gun or machete WHILE HIGH ON CRYSTAL METH. The male is alleged to have assaulted someone outside a grocery store then fled into a nearby bush armed with a machete, possibly a gun as well.

UPDATE Parents are now allowed to pick up their kids from school as there is a strong police presence at the school and they are escorting kids out of the building.

Anyone with photos or more information as to the nature of this lockdown are urged to contact us through our tip line at

We will update this developing story as more facts present themselves.


5 Replies to “METHHEAD MANHUNT: Geraldton Hospital, Schools, Daycares go on LOCKDOWN”

  1. This is why the police station should never have been moved to the highway. Takes too long to get into town. Examples aside from this incident are like bears ripping things apart, the bears are long gone by the time police get into town. Response times is too long.

    1. How do you think the neighbouring towns feel about response times. Worse for them. Geraldton is lucky to even have the station there compared to the other municipality towns and reserves that rely on them as well. On another note, happy the situation is resolved and everyone was safe over there.

  2. I would more likely say this is why you shouldn’t be doing Crystal meth.Has nothing to do with the police.

  3. I know both the guys they were looking for one of them knows the bush like the back of his hand he give him self up last knight and I knew these guys since I was 2 they were never like this until they stared doing crystal meth and I’m surprise he give him self up because he could of lasted way longer then that out there if he wanted to

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