Good Morning Citizens. March 26th, 2018


Good morning fellow citizens. Itโ€™s been quite a while since we did a good morning post, we had some requests to bring it back, so we obliged. The beautiful picture is credited to Elizabeth Bennett.


This morning things are somewhat chilly around -1C, with winds coming in at 12km/h. Wind gusts, however, will be hitting the 20km/h mark, helping it feel more like -5C.

Itโ€™ll be warming up this afternoon to a blistering +1C. Winds will be picking up the pace as well, reaching 15km/h steady, with gusty boiโ€™s wrecking your hair do at 26km/h, sinking the windchill to -3C.

This evening mother nature is going to switch it up on us a little. Snowfall is scheduled to touch down in Thunder Bay between 7 pm and 8 pm this evening, with a POP of 90%. We are expecting to acquire 2cm to 4cm of the white fluffy stuff this evening alone.ย The temperature will be hovering at the 0C mark, while winds stay steady at 15km/h with blasts topping out around 26km/h, sinking the chill factor to -5C..

Overnight the snowfall continues, adding an additional 2 โ€“ 4cm. Temperatures drop to -1C but winds settle down to a barely-there 7km/h, with gusts relaxing to a tolerable 15km/h, windchill sinking to -5C.


Weather Source: The Weather Network

Gas Prices:

The best price in town at the moment is $1.25. Here are the locations that have that price available.

Safe way Gas Bar โ€“ Arthur and Edward

Petro Canada โ€“ Dawson Near Strand

Shell โ€“ Arthur And Willard



In Fort William First Nation, the the best price is THP @ $1.10

Diesel Prices:

The best price for diesel in town is $1.28 and is between 3 places.

Esso โ€“ Arthur and Franklin

Shell โ€“ Arthur and Leland


No data available from FWFN.


Motivational Quote of the Day:

โ€Be like a postage stamp, stick to a thing until you get thereโ€ โ€“ Josh Billings


Keep your cameras handy.

Stay REAL Concerned Thunder Bay.