(KENORA, ON) – A 45 year old RODNEY McCAMMON appeared by telephone in Bail Court today, Sunday February 17,2019 from the Kenora OPP station.


It’s W.A.S.H. (Weekend And Statutory Holiday) Court today. Her Worship, Zelda Kitchekeesic is presiding. Provincial Crown Franceline Auclair is here along with Duty Counsel, Lakehead Law student Claire McDowell.

Court hears that McCAMMON was arrested by Kenora OPP yesterday. It’s alleged that McCAMMON went to a local confectionary store at 1:50 pm and filled a backpack with chocolate bars and beef jerky. He was arrested with the alleged stolen goods nearby.

McCAMMON also has outstanding warrants for failing to appear in court on January 3,2019.
And he was also wanted for theft of a jacket from Canadian Tire on February 14,2019.

Crown Attorney Franceline Auclair is not consenting to the release of McCAMMON.


Duty Counsel Law Student Claire McDowell gets up to speak.

Will she say something intelligent?


She requests a Section 517 publication ban on a shoplifting case! Further evidence that she is clueless as to how the law works. She seems to think this is going to a jury trial.

A Section 517 publication ban means that evidence and testimony from a bail hearing can’t be published until trial has concluded.

She has no bail plan for this guy, but she knows she wants a publication ban. Too funny. This isn’t legal representation, it’s a comedy act. I’ve seen some great students come out of Lakehead University. I don’t think she is one of them.


McCAMMON will be held in the Kenora Jail. He’ll make a bail court appearance in Kenora on Tuesday February 19,2019.



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