Stunt Driving Charges Laid Near Marathon


(MARATHON, ON) – Members of the Marathon Ontario Provincial Police detachment pulled over two fast moving vehicles last night around 1:08am.


Provincial police report that the traffic stop was executed on Highway 17 near Marathon and charges of stunt driving were laid against two individuals.

Police say that the two cars, a BMW and a Ford Mustang were possibly trying to get to a birthday party in Toronto from Thunder Bay.

The Mustang was clocked on the radar as speeding at 145 kilometres per hour in a 90 zone while the BMW appeared to be going even faster.

After charges were laid against the two drivers, their vehicles were impounded and their driver’s licenses were suspended.


A friendly reminder to any motorist who is considering speeding to get to your destination in less time: Don’t do it! You are putting the lives of everyone around you at risk, especially at these speeds. Alternative options to speeding would be leaving your departure point earlier, thus enabling you to arrive at your destination earlier.

Neither of these drivers saved any time barrelling down the highway as now they have lost both their vehicles and licenses to drive for a significant time. It’s highly unlikely they will arrive in Toronto faster than if they just obeyed the speed limits.

Speed limits save lives and keep our roadways safe. Obey the law or face the consequences.

Note: Police did not provide the names of the two individuals charged.

Source: OPP

Photo of actual incident


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  1. thank god they were caught, driving like that is insane and they could have killed a family ar anyone..stupid jerks.

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