(BIG ISLAND, ON) โ€“ A male has not touched base with friends or family for quite some time now, causing concern.


Bradley Kirkrude Jr. is believed to have last been seen on Monday October 8th, 2018 around 3:00am around Big Island First Nation.

Its likely he was wearing black sweat pants with white stripes on the side, a dark brown fox hat, a black hoodie with white and blue stripes across the chest and white and black nike shoes.

His family is deeply concerned regarding his well-being.

Members of the Treaty Three Police Service, OPP Northwest Region Emergency Response Team (ERT), Rainy River District Crime unit as well as OPP aviation services are engaged in the search.


If anyone has any information of his whereabouts you can contact the family directly at 271 โ€“ 5789 and/or the police at 1- 888 โ€“ 310 โ€“ 1122.

If you wish to remain anonymous, you can also submit information through Crimestoppers at their website orย at 1-800-222-8477.



  1. Anyone have an inkling as to why people just seem to mystically vanish into the ether? It also seems frighteningly apparent itโ€™s on the increase! Anyone else noticing this or am I mistaken?

  2. This boy thats missing is a relative and your disrespecting him and his family by saying “your tin foil hat is to tight” . What kind of joke is that you inconsiderate prick…I pray you never have to go thru the raw emotion his family feels..Im disgisted with your humanity.
    There are millions of children that simply vanish a year and their familys never get answears or closure. My heart goes to the familys who do get them answears to find out Their children taken into a world of abuse, torture, treated so inhuman they wished to be dead and when they got their wish…..grrr
    Bubba Im disgusted with your humanity. I just thought id clear something up you said..
    You think the comments before you were crazy, delusional, were blocking their minds.
    From what …aliens? Goverment?
    I didnt hear them say anything about what your gesturing, but you implying anything so horrid makes me wounder about you..
    Leave our children alone.

    1. WOW, all that for a tin foil hat comment that wasn’t even directed at the guy missing? I think you have some other issues you’re wanting to blame someone else for.
      Considering you know I’m an inconsiderate Prick, I’m surprised you didn’t use the Racist card. I’m sure that’s on its way though.
      You do have to admit, it sure seems the natives go missing around here a hell of a lot more than the whiteys. Yes, I’ll use that term – WHITEY. Wanna know why? Because I was called one yesterday after refusing to give a Native gentleman money that was begging. So, although this “whitey” refuses to give the natives money, or ANY OTHER PERSON begging, let alone talking about tin foil hats, doesn’t mean he’s an inconsiderate Prick.
      Am I a racist for calling myself a whitey? Refusing to give money? Stating the obvious that natives seem to go missing more than other ethnicity’s? No, I’m not!
      Let the bashing begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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