(NORTHWESTERN ONTARIO) โ€“ The recent rash of scammers attempting to sell fake jewelry on the road side, while claiming they need the money for gas is still happening.


One man warns everyone from Thunder Bay and west to keep on the lookout, as he recently ran into them on Highwsy 502, as he was making his way from Fort Frances to Dryden.

TRCCTB.COM has been informed that this scam is running right across northern Ontario, as far east as Timmins, and as far west as Kelowna BC.

Below is what he is telling people about the situation, the video follows.

โ€œI was heading up from Fort Francis to dryden on 502 and these guys were stopped on the side of the road desperately trying to flag me down.


Well, as a person who has been in a few accidents myself and seen alot of people hurt that needed qualified first aid ASAP I had to stop and see what was going on.

I also happen to know of a bunch of people that have been scammed by some fellows in the last few weeks from Thunder Bay to Dryden and everywhere in between.

So as soon as I pulled over they were asking if I had any cash on hand because they needed gas money for the tow truck that was coming to bring them fuel.

I told them the nearest gas station is only a few minutes and I have enough gas for then to get there in my truck, regardless of whether its mixed or not.

They were not interested they just wanted to sell me some โ€œauthentic 18k gold jewelryโ€ they had, and kept asking how much cash I had.

So Iโ€™ve been looking for these f***ers for a few weeks and had a little plan for them. They got my dad and another few people I know so I want these fuckers outta town, as soon as you confront them they tuck their tail and run.


I did call the police right after, and this video will be submitted to them by tonight so nobody else looses anymore of their hard earned dollars to these f****n losers.

The rings they have are stamped 18k gold and look real and they even do a few tests to try and prove it to you but they are not.

Everyone be warned, donโ€™t believe what you see on the streets. Iโ€™ll post a picture of the ring in the comments.โ€ โ€“ Scott R said.

Below is the video Scott is sharing.




  1. Hahaha nice!
    Clearly they didnโ€™t need the โ€œgasโ€ just wanted money.
    They got brand new clothes on, a fairly new looking Yukon, yet when being offered free gas to to drive the 2 minutes away they refuse.
    Granted driving long distances on mixed with oil gas, could cause a pinging to start. But it would be 100% fine once diluted with clean fuel.

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