Doug Ford Issues Statement


Doug Ford issued a statement via e-mail today. The message addresses the people of Ontario and their struggles. Ford promises β€œHelp is on the way” for struggling families, overworked healthcare workers, and more.


Here is his statement emailed to TRCCTB.

Ontario has had its troubles.
Things have been rough for years.
The Liberals pretend to help, but what’s the real story?

Your pay hasn’t gone up, but taxes and hydro rates have.
Ontario is falling behind.
The Liberals say they care, but their policies are killing jobs and hurting families.

The elites in government are out of touch.
They don’t understand what it’s like to pay bills, living paycheque to paycheque.
They don’t understand what the carbon tax is doing to people who need to choose between heating or eating.


I have a message for struggling families.
I have a message for overworked nurses in our failing healthcare system.
I have a message for every single Ontarian who just wants a good job and to know that it will still be there tomorrow.

Help is on the way.