(ONTARIO & SASKATCHEWAN) โ€“ย The following statements were made today by Ontario and Saskatchewan at the conclusion of the Federal-Provincial-Territorial Meeting of Ministers Responsible for Immigration:


โ€œWhile Ontario fully supports legal immigration and continues to fund a wide range of services to refugees and newcomers of all backgrounds, we will not be signing on to this communiquรฉ.ย Instead, the Government of Ontario continues to call on the federal government to identify and fully fund a solution to the border crisis that has resulted from federal policy decisions.โ€

โ€”ย ย  The Honourable Lisa MacLeod, Ontario Minister of Children, Community and Social Services and Minister Responsible for Womenโ€™s Issues

โ€œIt is the Government of Saskatchewanโ€™s position that the Government of Canada fully fund supports for asylum seekers that have arisen from recent federal policy decisions. The Government of Saskatchewan also calls on the Government of Canada to fully fund health, social assistance and employment supports for asylum seekers and recently arrived government-assisted refugees. Canada has yet to follow through on a commitment to fully support refugee transition, and there is now added pressure for provinces to also support asylum seekers.โ€

โ€”ย ย  The Honourable Jeremy Harrison, Saskatchewan Minister of Immigration and Career Training


Source: Government of Ontario



  1. This asylum business is becoming tiresome..the easiest way to jump the proper immigration rules for entry to civilized countries is for mobs of “have nots” to cry asylum.. I will be killed if I am returned to my homeland…

    Can you imagine for one moment if westerners and Europeans sought asylum in their miserable war destroyed countries? Would they open the doors and give us money and immediate immigrant status, free medical coverage, housing and so on for which we the loyal and silent majority taxpaying Canadians have have invested in our lifetimes for us noy these free handout seeking individuals..maybe not only by Trudeau and his cohorts but he like his idiot treacherous father is off the same block.

    This world is virtually tilting as we are swarmed by people allowed to bring in as many relations as they like who don’t and never will speak English or work given the free money we handout.

    There’s a difference between humanitarianism and stupidity.

    We have given our lifestyle away …time to say NO and mean it..

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