Overdoses up 35% Year to Year


(ONTARIO) โ€“ Today, the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Opioids Working Group released their Opioids and Overdoses: Impact and Strategies report, highlighting the alarming increase of opioid overdoses and deaths across Ontario.


The report contains information relating to OPP opioid seizures, overdoses and relevant strategies.

Out of concern for the safety of all Ontarians, the OPP is sharing the data to help prevent the loss of more lives.

Key information:

  • OPP has identified a 35 per cent increase in overdose deaths during the first quarter of 2019, compared to the first quarter of 2018
  • Since September 2017, the OPP has administered naloxone on 79 occasions and saved 73 lives
  • OPP has administered the highest number of naloxone doses in March and April 2019
  • The spirit of the Good Samaritan Drug Overdose Act (GSA) is embedded in all aspects of OPP involvement with the public

โ€œEvery life matters; meaning every overdose occurrence will be thoroughly investigated. We owe it to each victim to thoroughly investigate every occurrence so we can target those who produce, import and traffic these harmful and deadly substances.โ€ โ€“ OPP Superintendent Bryan MacKillop, Director, Organized Crime Enforcement Bureau


The focus of the OPP Opioids Working Group during the past year has been to establish foundational elements to respond to the opioid crisis and understand the impacts of overdoses and opioids. New reporting and analytical tools have been made available to position the OPP to be more proactive in our approach to the opioid crisis.

The Opioids and Overdoses: Impact and Strategies report can be found at this linkย CLICK HERE


10 Replies to “Overdoses up 35% Year to Year”

  1. I make no apology for my unpopular opinion.
    No matter where these ODs happen…….
    I dont care.
    Addiction occurs when ppl take drugs they dont need.
    I blame them.
    I dont blame physicians or circumstances.
    I blame people who take drugs they dont need.
    And it makes me angry to know my tax dollars and resources like police/fire/ambulance/emergency rooms/physicians/hospitals/government monies and efforts as well as pharmacies and medications are being dedicated to this and used-short changing all from the rest of us.

    1. Right on.

      To add insult to injury, the govt provides free Narcan to these dopers which in turn keeps them overdosing. Meanwhile, many people with legitimate illnesses get no govt assistance for their needs and cannot afford to buy expensive medicine. Something terribly wrong with this equation.

    2. time to end Narcan bail outs….it just gives them a free ticket to use again… If you use…you die…problem solved…tough love….hugging and hand holding does not work!

    3. Yeah it makes me really angry that women who go out and get raped cost our systems a lot of money, police and courts and doctors!! I also hate people who drink booze and end up in hospitals or as alcoholics who drive drunk. Not to mention a lot of people who drink cokes and slushes and fattening foods every day and give themselves diabetes and are overweight and cost the medical systems more than anyone else in our country!!!! All these damn people choose their behaviour that gets them in trouble that costs the taxpayer I wish I lived somewhere better.

  2. Of course the number of overdoses is going up. There is very little risk of dying since narcan came on the scene. Get rid of narcan and people may cut down the amount of drugs they use ( no narcan to save their ass if they take too much) and you wonโ€™t see the same idiot overdosing twice in the same day. It is sickening, they are in beds in the hospital till they come back to reality and if all beds are used up , some poor heart attack sufferer gets shipped to Sudbury or farther. Great for the family or friends who wants to visit.

  3. “live by the sword…die by the sword….no more narcan.will wake people up…hopefully…give them an easy way out…it will never end…

  4. Agree Onemore. Iโ€™m tired of it too. Itโ€™s their choice. I also have had a family member in this situation and it drains you. Much relief when it finally was over. And it was their death but at least they were finally at peace too.

  5. Its the government who created the stronger drugs that exist today. There have always been dealers and junkies since drugs were around for decades. Now the drugs are more available because of our economy globilizing and dealers are obviouly going to tap into that gravy train . Its our leaders that are responsible for all these death. And so we have to look to them to fix what they have created. so stop saying that its the user and start looking at who is running the show..

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