UPDATE: Dogs to be SLAUGHTERED in Sandy Lake First Nation for the month of February.


(SANDY LAKE FIRST NATION, ON) โ€“ Sandy Lake First Nation has been experiencing a large number of dogs that are running around and endangering not only children and elders but people in general.


A statement released by Sandy Lake First Nation Chief and Council dated Friday, February 1, 2019 states that they have supported neutering and spaying programs in the past, but it seems the dog population has risen to โ€œalarming levelsโ€.

Chief and Council have enacted a โ€œCulling of dogsโ€ for the month of February. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines โ€œCullโ€ as:

1 to select from a group

2 to reduce or control the size of (something, such as herd) by removal (as by hunting) of especially weaker animals


also: to hunt or kill (animals) as a means of population control.

UPDATE #1: Numerous dog rescues from northern and southern Ontario have said they are ready and willing to come and solve the dog population in Sandy Lake First Nation. More details to come soon. If you are a dog rescue and would like to reach out to us, please email tips@trcctb.com and we will respond.

UPDATE #2: A person close to multiple dog rescues has reached out to TRCCTB.COM and informed us that dog rescues have offered help to Sandy Lake First Nation, free of charge, to help them with the dog population, every last dog. They offered free clinics, chartered aircraft and more to remove all the dogs they donโ€™t want, and even to bring food up there for the hungry dogs to help keep them away from the schools.

This free help has been offered for the last 3 years, according to our source, who needs to remain anonymous in fear of reprisal from the First Nation. Our source also tells us that the community members of Sandy Lake First Nation have been working hard to help get as many dogs off the reserve as possible. It was said that the majority of community members do not want the dog culling and would prefer the dogs be rescued and relocated.

Below is the unedited complete statement sign by Chief Delores Kakegamic, Deputy Chief Marcel Linklater, and council.

The Chief and Council of Sandy Lake First Nation are aware of concerns of the increased dog population threatening our school children and other members of the community.


In the past couple years, the Chief and Council has been proactive in dealing with the matter of dog population by supporting neutering and spaying programs. The dog population has increased to alarming levels, with numerous dogs running around in packs at the school grounds. In order to prevent harm and for the safety of our children/people, the Chief and Council are enacting Culling of dogs for the month of February 2019.

Please keep your dogs at home during this time. We appreciate your understanding on this matter.

Meegwetch, sincerely,

Chief and Council, Sandy Lake First Nation



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  1. The greatness of a “nation”can be judged by the way its animals are treated….. Mahatma Gandhi
    Says it all!!

    1. So true!!! This is cruel..it’s the gd useless owners in the first place why there is a problem…not saying and neutering their own pets then there are puppies…puppies thrown out or dogs allowed to roam..it’s awful !?? Culling these dogs isn’t the problem..it’s the town itself…idiots!!

    2. I agree with that comment because just today I saw a what appears to be a double-decker livestock trailer hauling pigs heading east on Highway 11. Today was snowy and windy with minus 30 below with wind chill f 40 or more with the vehicle parked due to I was guessing to poor visibility I can only imagine how cold it is for those animals when the vehicle finally moves. I only imagine that since they are on their way to a slaughter we are okay with that? Poor pigs Poor dogs what’s the difference?

    1. If they canโ€™t afford to spay or neuter, vaccinations, food and shelter or have access to veterinary services…they shouldnโ€™t be able to own them. All dogs should be removed!

    2. Funny, people could apply the same argument to the historic slaughter of the indigenous themselves and something tells me you’d change your tune if the conversation shifted that direction. It’s okay though, “it’s called culling and it happens for a reason”.

  2. Is there one aspect of reservations that is a reasonably civilized and sustainable way of life? Weโ€™re floating the tab to fight natural selection.

  3. In my years in the north it was common for the police to cull the dog population in the villages every year. The dogs would run around in packs and were very dangerous especially to children and women in their menstrual cycle. It would be best if there were an on site ,reasonable priced , spay clinic available but that as not likely on remote villages. The cost for a dog owner to transport an animal to Thunder Bay and have it neutered would be in the thousand dollar range at least and most people living on these reserves do not have that kind of money. I hope a solution can be found other than shooting the dogs but at the same time there is a limit to how many dogs can be rescued annually from these puppy factories. A humane cull may be the only practical solution.

    1. Just an FYI a spay and nuter clinic is coming to sandy lake to gather up any stray dogs and to spay and nurter whom ever wants their animals fixed…there is another memo from our chief and council stating that but he didn’t post that one also

    2. You see, in civilized societies dogs are not allowed to run at large. Most bands don’t have such by-laws, nor do they enforce them if they do. They get puppies as toys for the kids, and the first time a puppy nips a kid, out the go, never to return indoors. Then they pack up, reproduce, run down wildlife, cats and other dogs, licestock and people, and eat them.

      Culling is not a “solution” as the “solution” has to be repeated on a regular basis. Many of these dogs are not cleanly shot and die slow, agonizing deaths, which of course is a Criminal Code offense. Sadly no will hold anyone to account.

    3. Itโ€™s NOT humane. Do you honestly think they take the time to shoot each dog in the head and let it die instantly?? Do you think they have that time? Do you think they care? These dogs suffer for something that isnโ€™t even their fault. For god sake. Itโ€™s the definition of insanity to have to have this cull repeated every single year instead of coming to another solution. We need a solution, it is not the dogs faults, they do not have a voice. We need to be their voice. Be that voice instead of being naรฏve!

    4. This is the absolute truth. How in the world are northern reserves supposed to spay and neuter with no vet available. It is so sad but the dogs become vicious and dangerous as they run in packs. It breaks my heart but it would be worse if another child were killed. Hopefully solutions other than cull are found.

  4. You donโ€™t know what itโ€™s like to be gang up by a group of huge dogs surrounding you, not knowing if theyโ€™re going to attack you or not. Or any children at the schools. Plus the dog population is growing and some dogs can become very dangerous. And during the winter seasons wolves will sometimes roam around and some wonโ€™t know its a wolf till its to late. So piss out of here with that headline. This is a necessary movement. Thereโ€™s dog helpers that send dogs out when they can, but they too could get bitten by the dogs around here

    1. Dogs are companion animals, not hunted wild animals. If the population of dogs is out of control, the fault lies with the humans who waited too late to start spay and neuter…or still dont do it at all. Shame on them all. These creatures were put her by our gods…we are not judge and jury to eliminate them.

    2. Itโ€™s NOT a necessity when rescues have offered to remove ALL UNWANTED dogs, free of charge, several times in the past 3 years, but denied access!

    3. It is NOT a solution if it has to keep being repeated. Thatโ€™s the definition of insanity. We as civilized people need to come to a better solution for these poor animals. It is NOT the fault of the dogs. The ONLY reason they get killed is because they donโ€™t have a voice. We need to be their voice and solve this once and for all. Be part of a humane solution!

    4. So fix the problem at it’s root and stop the animal imports and violence entirely. It would require effort though and that is beyond what people are willing to do. It’s easier to just grab a weapon and hack away at whatever bothers you and I don’t expect anyone that throws their animals outside and forgets about them to have scope beyond anything but themselves.

  5. Hopefully the C&C along with the aminal rescuers can get as many of these dogs out..Pino keep us updated will ya on this..thanks a bunch and hope yer Source will escape the WRATH and REPRISAL of the First Nation…lol jk

    1. Of course someone always has to try being funny but they arenโ€™t. ๐Ÿ™„
      We have a problem with cats on our Rez. They are just really getting out of hand Plus we live on the trans Canada highway and we get a lot of dogs dropped off. Sad to see. But within a few days someone will come and take them to a shelter for adoption. We have a bylaw and it works very well.

  6. Maybe it should be for the humans that are not being responsible enough to look after the animals instead…just my thoughts ..a life is a life…if they were looked after properly or excepted help as there is many organizations that will help this would not be an issue…its called natural selection for humans …and yes there is a problem taking lives for no reason!

  7. wow rediculous, first the chiefs cant handle there poeple, now there just killing helpless animals.. absolutely rediculous.
    if you cant control your dog populations that shows somethign about your communite, maybe noone should be allowed to have a dog up there if this is what it comes to.. give your heads a shake and see where this problem came from in the first place…
    rediculous.. there should be a law against this, this is cruelty to animals!!!

    1. You are right!! They cannot handle housing, money, health problems, children being neglected/abused, domestic violence etc. so why would they be able to handle a “pet” situation?? I have seen plenty of mismanagement when I worked on/off reserves. but if yu speak the truth, you are accused of being a racist etc. So pathetic!!

  8. โ€œInformed us that dog rescues have offered help to Sandy Lake First Nation, free of charge, to help them with the dog population, every last dog. They offered free clinics, chartered aircraft and more to remove all the dogs they donโ€™t want, and even to bring food up there for the hungry dogs to help keep them away from the schoolsโ€

    What a waste of money flying dogs to and from a reserve!?? What are you people thinking, there are actual human beings freezing on the streets of our country and you want to charter planes to help a couple stray dogs…. priorities man…. bullets are cheaper

    1. Except they don’t just use bullets, they’ll hack at the dogs with machetes and let them bleed out. If someone irresponsibly leaves their dog out during a culling they have to watch someone chop it to pieces. One of the people I know told me a story about their dog being a new mother and during a culling she ran out to check her puppies. Someone cut their leg mostly off and she watched it limp back toward the house before bleeding out and dying. Then she told me she was looking for a new puppy.

  9. Had you had lived in the north before Skidoos arrived you would have seen large packs of dogs in every village. They were usually tied up and were used to pull sleds. Once the snowmobiles arrived and became commonly available the need for dogs teams ended and the dogs up there are the descendants of those dogs used for thousands of years by First Nation people. On some Arctic villages the dogs were taken to a remote island in the spring when the ice melted and where they would be turned loose until needed in the winter when the ice formed. The dogs were fed by throwing them seal or whale meet but they were very wild to say the least after a few months without human contact.

    1. This isnt ancient times anymore.. people are well aware of what it takes to take care of animals so your argument is BS..
      You honestly expect people to believe they are still practicing this.. I call BS..
      There are free services offered to folks up north to control the population. But it’s easier to throw the dog out and let them fend for themselves.. anyone with common sense knows starving dogs with form a pack to survive. Its not the animals fault it is humans fault..

    2. I believe you are talking about the Inuit and Dene, not Aboriginals, as I have lived/worked up there and know!!!

    3. Cindy, I am not making any judgement here just trying to put the whole matter of dogs on reserves in perspective. The first snowmobiles arrived in the late 1950’s so for some of us at least it was not ancient times. I am deeply involved with animal rescue here in Thunder Bay and admire those others who offer time and money to humanely rescue these dogs.

      Glen, Yes I am referring to the Dene and Inuit but also the Indiginous people of the James Bay Area on both east and had west coasts. Because the dogs had value they were generally well cared for in the communiti. Since they have lost there value as transportation they have been simply abandoned.

  10. There are rescues, willing to help, free of charge. Rescues need individuals in the community to receive crate(s) and to transport dogs to airport to ship out. This rescue has crates and will make them available to anyone who can help. This rescue will receive dogs to keep them from being shot. Judy Mackie Northern Lights dog rescue… Thunder Bay

  11. are wild dog packs running loose in Thunder Bay, Winnipeg, Dryden, Nipigon, Sudbury, Nolalu? NO just in FN areas !!! Do the math people. They don’t care about lives…any. Very sad…

    1. Your spca does the culling for you. Ask them how many animals they put down every year..the number is in the thousands.

  12. Let me see if I understand this. It is the opinion of the Chief and Council that when a community is overrun by a group that is unpredictable, dangerous, violent and poses a significant threat to the community itself, the solution is to cull the group. After consideration, I can find no fault in your logic. Unfortunately, it’s not dogs that appear to be causing a problem in this community.

    1. If it is ok to cull dangerous, violent , unpredictable living things that pose a significant threat to a community, maybe Thunder Bay should look at a cull of violent and threatening living things that are roaming around the city.

  13. You forgot to include the letter made by chief and council inviting them to come and rescue these damn dogs! And also inviting them to come spay and neuter them. All these closeted racists sure have a lot to say and all behind a fake name! Shame on you. I cannot believe some of the comments saying to shoot my people instead of the dogs! Some of you are god awful people!!

    1. It actually mentions how chief and council have attempted spay and neuter programs, in their own words and signature. I did not have the other document at hand at the time of writing. I am doing an update now. Reach out to me if you have anything to add.

    2. Your people!! How racist are you for that following statement made right there..
      Some of us have grew up on FN and we dont us that reference. We are all people of the land.. no matter what color or race. Shame on you!!

    3. You are absolutely right about the bigots and their ignorant remarks. It seems as if it doesn’t matter what the topic they turn it into a racist rant. Assuming because you live on a reserve and so as a result you are not capable of looking after your dog is small minded and judgmental. Why are they allowed to use fake names?
      Why not use your real name and stand by your ignorant remarks???

  14. Are they going to go shoot the pack of men that rape women in first nations communities, and abused them? they are dangerous and they are also growing too. I have seen first hand how some people in the reserves treat the dogs, burn them, cut them, hurt them, and laugh about it like a joke. and that is okay?? Men raping women, their own family members and that is okay!! every one looks the other way, but yet you are willing to go shoot some poor animal. That says a lot!!!

  15. I invite everyone to call the OSPCA tomorrow and ask them if they enforce provincial animal cruelty laws on Indian reserves. And when they so no, ask them why not? They won’t have an answer, because there is no valid reason. If coached, they’ll repeat the LIE that they don’t have jurisdiction.

    Of course the 9 Native polices services in Ontario also refuse to enforce the animal cruelty sections of the Criminal Code on reserves. All these people, including the politicians in Queen’s Park are cruel cowards. They would rather see thousands of dogs and puppies starve/freeze to death, get intentionally run over and shot, than “offend Native sensibilities”.

    Kudos to any media that tells these horror stories accurately. Usually rescued rez dogs are found “in a rural area”, “north of the city”. Veterinarians also don’t report all the cases they see, usually bullet wounds. They’re all culpable. Shame !

    I’m a Native living on a rez, go ahead, ask me anything

    1. I do so agree!! I am so glad you are speaking out when so many are in denial and hate it when the truth comes out. Keep on truthing – we need more people like you!!

  16. Simply stated…If this is how First Nations Communities handle animal control, they should not be allowed to have animals!!!

    1. …and here in Thunder Bay there is the OSPCA to cull the cats and dogs abandoned in the city. The reserves up north have no vets to spay and neuter and OSPCA don’t take the animals and euthanize them hence ‘the cull’. I’m not saying its right but it happens here in the city as well.

  17. They cull cats in the United states.
    They also sell the fur. Animal culls are common and sometimes necessary for population control.
    It used to be quite popular here, trapped cats were taken to animal control where they had mere days to be claimed before being euthanized. Local rescues are helping to rehome animals, but you cannot educate everyone.

  18. Dogs and puppies are innocent lives. they didn’t ask to be born, we are the voices for the innocent. If you can’t get your animal spay or neuter, then don’t own a dog, it’s that simple. Or better yet, why not only own male or female dogs, not both. You can’t procreate if you only have one sexed dogs living in a community. Think people, there are better ways than shooting an innocent being.

  19. This is what self government is all about. Money doesn’t make it past the band office and most of the people are poor. I agree that these reserves should not be able to own animals. Ownership means responsibility and responsibility means taking care of something, not throwing out when it nips. Puppies always nip and they chew. They are taught that this is wrong and they learn. Yes I have seen how they mutilate an animal when they don’t want it. Barely surviving and some make it to town and die anyway. One of the contributors compare spending money on shipping to homeless starving people. Well my hand is always digging into my purse for the less fortunate, but with all the recent additions to this city, I can clearly see that they are healthy individuals that want money for alcohol and drugs mostly. I went to Safeways one day and told the fellow outside that I didn’t have any cash (bankcard) but I would be back. When I came out I gave him a large juice, large water and the largest sub that they had. My husband said why did you do that he threw it in a cart by the door and walked away. Really? I donate all the time and yet I love my dog and I am very compassionate when it comes to the plights of these other dogs. Shame on you God created all and I will tell you he will remember how terrible people are when they abuse people and animals alike.

  20. The rescued animals any where in the country are put to death by their rescuers if a home is not found for them in a specified amount of time. Why is no one bitching about this?

  21. I agree!! That is why I do not help them anymore!! They are very ungrateful and believe they are “owed”!! So pathetic. I have less and less tolerance for many Aboriginals, their chiefs and the BS they spew. They want it all yet won’t take responsibility but rather still play the blame/victim/race card game — which ultimately does them more harm and especially their children than anyone else.

  22. Total cluster fuck bullshit.They take these animals in and now kill them because they neglect them. I am a animal person and this is true B.S to me. This is the type of shit I get really pissed off. Animal abuse is what I call it.

  23. And in a few years it’ll happen again because the people that caused this in the first place are irresponsible, motivated by money, or sociopaths that don’t care and look forward to killing the animals. Half the people culling go out with machetes and leave the animals hurt and bleeding out with limbs hanging off during these hunts.

    Aren’t native people supposed to be more in tune with nature and order? You’d think they would crack down on the animals brought in too but that would require a modicum of empathy for the poor things and it’s a free ticket to be cruel. Shameful way to handle the situation and a horrible look for your community.

    1. They like to make us believe the brainwashed story that they are in tune – one with nature, keepers of Mother Earth but —- truthfully that is a croc and many of them are hypocrites with a delusional mind!!

  24. The community had a spay and neuter program one year. Most dogs got fixed, the community was in support and most took their pets in. A few pet owners refused to fix their pets, those are the ones overpopulating the community again. After the program left, dogs were traumatized, (as most people would expect). After being neglected 75% of the time, given attention only to be caged up, drugged up, cut up, the dogs had PTSD. Elders and members said dogs were acting abnormal and more aggressive. (*Which any person/animal would act like after that kind of trauma.) So the FORMER leadership, (which at that time was NOT Delores Kakegamic), after having pressure from pet owners complaining of aggressive FIXED dogs hadnโ€™t invited the program back but allowed them to be rescued. Thank god our present leadership understands that working with spay and neutering programs will not only benefit the community but our pets as well. And that pets will be a bit different but with TLC will be happier in the end. It takes time to set up the supplies and coordinate a spay and neuter program that fly into isolated communities. Until then, the aggressive dogs that are attacking children at school or anywhere else and can not be tied up will be euthanized in the cull. Pet owners that love their pets, (and are able to get close enough without being attacked/bit), will tie up their dogs and they will be left alone. There is so much more to the story than what is shared here. You do not understand until you or your child have been bit.

  25. My feeling about the dog cull is beyond words. What needs to happen is the people who live on these reserves need to be educated. They should not be aloud to have a dog if all they will do is leave it run loose and breed with other dogs over and over. Hence an over population. They are not trained or treated like a family pet. Everyone is entitled to having a pet but they should be treated as such. Most of the time when they are rescued and taken off the reserves they are in poor condition and have no socializing. It becomes other peoples problem. I love animals and it is sickening to see what is going on every year on these reserves. There should be a law stating that every family can have a pet but it has to be neutered. If my honesty and true feelings on this subject offends you, too bad. I will always be a fighter and lover for the ones who can’t speak for themselves.

    1. I have seen the way dogs and people and housing has been treated on many of these reserves and it is pathetic!! No one to blame but themselves. My belief is if you treat a person, an animal and your property like crap than you that say a lot about your integrity and values/morals of which these people have none but continue to play the blame/victim/race card game!! Yet they do NOT seem to want to change their ways or mental states!! You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make themem drink — in this case you can help these people, spend big bucks – but if they are inclined to laugh at and use the system just to get what they want and then not do anything to upgrade – then it is a waste of other people’s time & money!

  26. I have seen the way dogs and people and housing has been treated on many of these reserves and it is pathetic!! No one to blame but themselves. My belief is if you treat a person, an animal and your property like crap than you that says a lot about your integrity and values/morals of which many of these people have none but continue to play the blame/victim/race card game!! Yet they do NOT seem to want to change their ways or mental states!! You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make themem drink — in this case you can help these people, spend big bucks – but if they are inclined to laugh at and use the system just to get what they want and then not do anything to upgrade – then it is a waste of other people’s time & money!

  27. Disgusting animals!!! And Iโ€™m not talking about the dogs๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก start with controlling the human population on the reserve

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