Punch A Pregnant Woman In The Stomach Threat On Keemooch Lane





Appearing by telephone this morning, Saturday February 16,2019 from the Kitchenuhmaykoosib Aaki 84 OPP Station is ROY TRENT OSTAMAN.

It’s W.A.S.H. (Weekend And Statutory Holiday) Court today. Her Worship, Zelda Kitchekeesic is presiding. Provincial Crown Derrick Silvestro is here along with Duty Counsel Aranka Golphy.

OSTAMAN was arrested last night for allegedly being intoxicated at an address on Keemooch Lane where he was ordered to stay away from. He allegedly wanted to punch a pregnant woman in the stomach while intoxicated. He has a history of violence towards this woman.


He’s facing charges of uttering threats and causing a disturbance.

Crown Attorney Silvestro agrees to release OSTAMAN to go reside at an address on Chief Park Road with a 200$ no deposit recognizance and other conditions. Her Worship Kitchekeesic orders OSTAMAN released with conditions to have no contact with his alleged victim. He’s ordered to stay away from the address on Keemooch Lane and not consume any alcohol.

OSTAMAN tells the court he’s jobless and on welfare.

He has a future court date.

Duty Counsel Aranka Golphy stands after the release is ordered and says that OSTAMAN has requested a Section 517 publication ban.

Crown Attorney Silvestro points out to her that she is not following the proper court procedure. A Section 517 cannot be ordered after the release. Only during the court proceeding. Golphy appears confused as to what the proper procedure is. Her Worship Kitchekeesic seems to not mind not following court procedures and orders it anyways.


Just another weekend in WASH Court with a Duty Counsel who isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer.


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  1. Released on bail and told not to back to the address that he was told not to go back to last time he was released. I am definitely sure he won’t get drunk and go back there again and try to do something else to her,hopefully not more serious. Definitely seems like he is going to be a fine upstanding citizen. 🤣😂🤣😂🤪

  2. It’s the reality we live in now , zero justice
    He will go back and punch her . There is no glad
    In gladue law …. 2nd 3rd 4th chances
    It’s wrong , it’s the Wild West , it imoraly cloaked
    It needs to be abolished… we bleed the same colour blood … northern sociely is tired

  3. Send him to Thunder Bay. We have jobs here. Some people just have too much time on their hands.
    So put ’em to work.

  4. I’m sure the victim will sleep better now, if something happens that judge should be held accountable. Thank you for protecting the public. I feel safer.
    California has a stand your ground law, if someone is threatening you, you can legally shoot them. Google it. We are heading this way too.
    Our system is failing the public, hard working people who are so tired of this shit, but is allowed to continue

  5. California’s “Castle Doctrine” (PC Section 198.5)
    Although California does not specifically have a “stand-your-ground” law, the Castle Doctrine is similar. Under Penal Code Section 198.5, you are allowed to use deadly force within your own home if you have a “reasonable fear of imminent peril or great bodily injury.”

    If someone forces his or her way into your home unlawfully, a few things must occur to justify using deadly force:

    You knew or had reason to believe the person entered your home unlawfully;
    The intruder was acting unlawfully (not a police officer who was doing their job);
    There was a reasonable fear of death or injury to you, a family member or another member of the household; and
    You or the occupants of your home did not provoke the intruder in any way.
    California Self Defense Laws Outside of Your Home (CALCRIM #505 and #506)
    Of course, not all self-defense situations occur inside your home. Even though there is not a specific statute for standing your ground, California law does recognize your right to defend yourself with deadly force. California Jury Instructions (CALCRIM #505 and #506) describe this as “justifiable homicide.”

    A jury is instructed to find you innocent of homicide, assault or other charges if you were acting reasonably under the circumstance. A reasonable circumstance under California Jury Instructions #505 and #506 means:

    You reasonably believed you were in danger of being injured or killed;
    You reasonably believed that you needed to use force to prevent this from happening; and
    You used no more force than was necessary to stop the threat.4
    If you are facing a reasonable threat of being injured or killed, you do not have to run away under California law. As long as you did not make the first strike, a skilled criminal defense attorney can argue that you were acting in self-defense.

    1. California is a VERY poor example of how a Gov’t should conduct any kind of business . ThunderBay is pretty much a sanctuary city already much like cities in that state , homelessness , addiction , free everything , undesirables flooding in from who knows where and rampant crime .

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