(2 VIDEOS) Bar Room Brawl Breaks Out, Chair FLIES


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Thunder Bay, Superior By Nature, the city with a giant heart, also has a giant, seemingly out of control crime problem.


A north-side downtown bar was the scene of a violent outburst by some people that appeared to be customers of the establishment.

In the two videos below, you will see what appears to be a disagreement escalate into fists, a flying chair and possibly a hugging match towards the end.

It’s safe to say that nobody in these videos would last in the UFC, but that doesn’t seem to stop them.

The staff of the bar can be heard shouting β€œSTOP”, because we know what happens if they were to try to physically interfere.. racism and stuff.


Below are two videos which stem from the Pier 61.


Videos submitted by anonymous.


11 Replies to “(2 VIDEOS) Bar Room Brawl Breaks Out, Chair FLIES”

  1. take away booze license !!!!! A place for families to stay when travelling…HA! Keep going, don’t stop or unlock your doors! Ghetto!

  2. No offence but why does it all seem to be just one minority? Can’t be a coincidence..

  3. Ya so everybody claims the danger is coming from the gangs from Toronto and Ottawa; the black gangsters.
    I don’t see any of them making a mess of a local business after drowning themselves in liquor. Atleast they keep to themselves and DJ t cause issues in public.

  4. We used to fight at bars all the time, settle your crap, have a beer together and enjoy your night.

    1. Lmao I would say the one on simpson is like newfies, I’m glad I quit drinking. When I use to go out to the bar for a beer or 2, would be pretty nuts. One time someone yelled duck, if I didn’t would of got an ashtray to back of my head. I guess this guy was throwing it to the guy behind me, caught his gf cheating!

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