(5 PHOTOS) COLLISION: Balmoral and Central


(THUNDER BAY, ON) โ€“ The day after child tax benefits were directly deposited into bank accounts across the nation, a woman was taken into custody following a morning collision.


The 43-year-old woman is suspected of being impaired while driving. UPDATE: Police have now confirmed the woman was charged with โ€œoperate a motor vehicle while impaired by drugโ€.

Reports say that the collision happened around 8:30 am this morning.

Police have the intersection of Balmoral and Central closed.

TBPS have deployed their traffic unit along with their aerial drone to push the investigation along.


Earlier; the woman was seen by police on James Street nearly striking a crossing guard near Redwood. Police attempted to pull over the woman but she sped off. The member of the Thunder Bay Police Service decided the pursuit would be a public safety concern and called off the chase.

The woman then collided with a white SUV at the intersection of Balmoral and Hewitson. Later, she collided with a blue car at the intersection of Central and Balmoral before crashing into the ditch in front of the TBPS station.

The 43-year-old woman from Thunder Bay is facing the following charges:

  • impaired driving by drug
  • dangerous driving
  • flight from police
  • failing to stop at the scene of an accident

She is expected to be in bail court Saturday morning.


5 Replies to “(5 PHOTOS) COLLISION: Balmoral and Central”

  1. Piano, Good write up but what does the child benefits have to do with this incident. Do you have any proof that this woman used the child benefit to purchase drugs? Laura

  2. Itโ€™s so lucky for so many people she didnโ€™t do more harm. It was prime time going to school and going to work. Your a piece of shit. Have a good look at your life and figure out if killing someone is whatโ€™s you want and want you want to be known for.

  3. Why are the names of these creeps protected? Many other cities in Ontario are in fact publishing the names of these selfish areses who are charged even though they are not yet convicted. These turds have absolurtely no respect for the lives of other people. But then I imagine even publishing their name has no effect on such a wasted mind and poor excuse for a human. Too bad our laws are a sick joke. In the USA you can be charged with fraud and get life in prison and in Canada you can kill someone and get less than 5 years in jail time. WTF

  4. Why is her name being protected? She has been charged with an offence and even though she has not been convicted her name should be published. She should be charged with every offence they can possibly stick to her. I am very relieved that no one was hurt. This POS needs to be locked for a long time.

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