Airlane Assault with a Weapon, Pik Evacuee Behind Bars


(THUNDER BAY, ON) โ€“ Another incident unfolded yesterday at the Airlane Hotel, where a number of evacuees from the community of Pikangikum are residing temporarily. The residents of Pikangikum fled to the city after a forest fire threatened their home community.


Yesterday, at the Airlane Hotel, allegations are that Carsina Strang had got into a heated argument with a woman who was previous a victim of an assault in Thunder Bay by a different evacuee. Strang has one leg in a cast. A crutch that Strang utilizes to assist in her mobility was used during the assault on this same woman who just days ago was a victim of an assault by a man.

28-year-old Carsina Strang was arrested by the Thunder Bay Police Service and was held in custody to appear in bail court this morning. Her Worship, Justice of the Peace Jennifer Neill was presiding over bail this morning, along with Crown Attorney VanKessel and duty counsel.

Strang is charged with Assault with a Weapon (Crutch).

Strang was denied bail today and has been ordered to remain in jail until at least tomorrow, when she is scheduled to appear for a bail hearing.


Strang will likely be released tomorrow.


2 Replies to “Airlane Assault with a Weapon, Pik Evacuee Behind Bars”

  1. Gladue! Gladue! What’s a judge gonna do! She’s got Gladue!

    Can’t imagine the shame that the upstanding people from Pikangikum must feel when there are so many from their community being a-holes when they come to the city. No wonder they live in the bush?

    1. That Gladue crap needs to be tossed out of the justice system. They want equality but I donโ€™t think they realize how much they would lose. Green card, free post secondary schooling ,cheap gas to name a few. Equality is a too way street. They could then apply for a job , get unemployment insurance if you lose your job. All kinds of good stuff we have.

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