Alleged Fentanyl Trafficking Syrian Refugees Update


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – On the  afternoon of March 21st at 12:55pm the OPP responded quickly to an eastbound black sports car that had just stolen gas from a Nipigon Esso. Police conducted patrol and observed the vehicle on Highway 11 just north of Windegokan Lake Road.


Further investigation revealed the discovery of over 1/2 pound of Fentanyl. One of the largest seizures in Northern Ontario.

A 19 year old MOHAMAD AL ZARIF, a Syrian refugee was arrested and charged with:

  • Possession of fentanyl for purpose of trafficking.
  • Theft under 5000$.
  • Driving under suspension.

A 21 year old MHD ALI BASHIR ALMANDANI, a Syrian refugee was arrested and charged with:

  • Possession of fentanyl for purpose of trafficking.
  • Theft under 5000$.

ALMANDANI was the alleged passenger in the vehicle.


Sources indicate that AL ZARIF speaks no English and ALMANDANI speaks very little English.

On April 29th, 2019 both men appeared in court. Mohamad Al Zarif was remanded into custody until his next appearance on May 15th at 10:00 am in courtroom 102. MHD Ali Bashir Almandani was remanded into custody until May 7th at 9:00am and is scheduled for a bail hearing in courtroom 103 at 9:00am.

We will be in court for both appearances and updating the public on these matters.

With files from Thunder Bay Courthouse – Inside Edition and the OPP.



23 Replies to “Alleged Fentanyl Trafficking Syrian Refugees Update”

  1. WTF? Canada gave these creeps an opportunity of a lifetime to live in this great country. We house them, feed them, provide medical care, give them spending money and opportunity to work and this is how they respond? If they were caught doing this in an Islamic country they’d both be dead and their heads stuck on a post by now.

    These lowlife scumbags don’t deserve to be here. They should both be sent back to Syria.

    1. I agree send these animals back to where they came from We do not need this here in Canada Trudeau has done enough damage already now his refugees are having their turn STOP IT NOW

    2. I hope the judicial system uses them as a example to show Canada this is unexceptable … Why as well is fentanyl considered a drug when it’s no different than arsenic.. Their charges should include attempted murder especially when you think about how many teenagers and other Canadians died from this … Were weak here in Canada when really fentanyl traffickers should be prosecuted for minimum 10-15 years in prison maybe longer

  2. Wow for people to be living for free in our country this is how they repay us. Lock them up & throw away the key or better still send them back to where they came from and let their laws deal with them. They do not deserve to be in Canada and by putting them in jail we are still feeding and keeping them SEND THEM HOME WHERE THEY BELONG they do not want to show their gratitude for being taken in and given everything and our homeless walk the streets it is a disgrace to Canada to allow them to stay here. That is just my opinion!!!!!

    1. I so agree with you charlygirl, they should be deported back to there own country when they break our laws.They certainly do not respect all the good things in this country and abuse it by doing drug sales. mr. Trudeau has made it as they are Canadians so they know they are safe to stay here. Trudeau needs to go.

    2. I agree , once caught breaking our laws they should be sent home for prosecution as long as their country has very long jail time or worse for these offences!

    3. It is only going to get worse. We can thank our wannabe messiah Justine for inviting them here with open arms. We should send him back with them to the craphole they came from. This government has no money for our kids and seniors who are living in abject poverty, no money for the health care, no money for the veterans, no money for the hundreds of thousand of homeless people in this country, no money for the gangs and drugs crisis,no money for the people in northern Canada who have to scavenge at the local landfill for food, but by crikey Justin manges to hand out our hard earned tax dollars like water to craphole countries that hate us and would just as soon nuke us given the chance. Oh and then here is 10 million for a known terrorist to live the golden life. And those 60 + known terrorists with Canadian passports who fought for their homicidal beliefs well now they get a welcome back to Canada. As nuts as he is, the guy running the show south of our border at least he isnt welcoming these types of creeps into that country.

  3. He not the first caught with that amount. The shooter on the Danforth brother had that if not more. He must have got some in his blood and he has been in a coma ever since.. Three sizes of a grain of salt can kill you.

  4. Convicted of a Federal Offence should get them deported – I hope it’s safe to assume?
    In Some States in the US a charge of this substance & quantity qualifies for “Possession of a Weapon of MASS DESTRUCTION ” I hope Canada follows suit FAST!

  5. Blah, blah, blah and every election you vote NDP or Liberal. You get what you deserve and more if Junior is voted in again in October. More liberal immigration policy and socialist crap.

  6. Send them back They do not deserve to be here Trudeau has damaged Canada enough now his refugees NO MORE SEND THEM BACK

  7. Send them back and let this be a lesson to the rest that are here , either join our customers and live in peace or leave.

  8. send them back to where they came from and let their laws deal with them. They do not deserve to be in Canada and by putting the lives of 120 thousand Canadians lives in danger wonder what they had in mind ?

  9. Just wandering if all you reply contributors have any suggestions other than to ship them back. “OF COURSE WE SHOULD SHIP THEM BACK AND ASAP AT THAT”, but what I am wandering is how these people will ever know how most of us feel unless of course they are reading these replies which I highly doubt. How can we let them know exactly how we really feel. Is it legal to make signs and stand around the exterior of the courthouse on their court date or is that another law I would be breaking? Would that be a form of racism? Why do all these other people walk with signs and protest over every little thing, but something like this gets ignored on the forefront.
    JUST ASKING!!!!!!!!!

  10. If they can’t speak any English, then how come there isn’t terrorism charges being laid only drug trafficking ?! Wtf… messed up. Enough fentanyl to kill a 120 000 people.
    Enough is enough already, every country is having the same problems. Let’s work on our problems we already have rather than bringing more in .. we dont have the growth to take on this amount of people in such little time with no funding to increase background checks and more funding to emergency services as well roads … like where is the logic

    1. Why would their inability to speak English automatically upgrade the charge to terrorism? that’s not how it works, you aren’t a terrorist just by merit of being brown and not speaking English. Such ignorance. Would you say that if the person trafficking was a francophone?

  11. Why isnt the main stream media covering this?It should be front page news. Is it our government and media cover up?

  12. Santafe There in lies the rub. If anyone were to protest this crap, most likely THEY would be charged with a hate crime because Mr Dress- Up Justin has taken away most of our rights to freedom of speech. Dont you dare say out loud what most people have been thinking all along. We must behave like blind sheep on the way to the slaughter house. Because that is the politically correct thing to do these days. We sit by and watch our own people starve and cant get affordable housing, we watch our veterans get shafted by the government, we see our tax dollars as a lottery jackpot for killer terrorists, we see our kids in debt for their education, we have a crisis with the shortage of doctors and healthcare and then Justin welcomes more welfare to ensure that Canadians take a back seat. Yup Come on over to Canada where you will get the royal treatment compliments of the workers here. We have lots of funding for you foreigners because we can take it away from the suckers working here and you foreigners can sit on your butt and complain you dont like these customs and want this Canadian way of life changed to your culture.

  13. Awaiting Trudeau’s ‘Swan Song” and the terror it will unleash upon the true immigrants to this country?
    My Grandfather was an immigrant to this land.

  14. In hindsight, many people criticize the European Jews of the 1930’s as going quietly like sheep to their slaughter, while we as a western culture are now doing the same only in a more subtle, insidious method, designed by socialists, Cultural Marxists, and islamists.

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