Anonymous Submission #0034 – This City Makes Me Sick


This city is making me so sick.


A few weeks back I heard a noise outside in the middle of the night and in the morning I find a backpack dumped all over my back yard with many packages of condoms and tools.

A week back I cleaned up all my exโ€™s empties from in the garage ( $4.10.) put them by my back door. By morning someone stole them. And now this, I walk out to my truck to go out for a bit and almost get stuck by a used needle. This city is getting so bad. Drug dealers down the road for my home, the police know about the drug house and donโ€™t do anything about it.

I remember a time when you didnโ€™t have to lock up everything and you felt safe in your own home. I have talked to the police about what has been going on in the Neighbourhood (Hillcrest Park Area). and they advised me to just put up cameraโ€™s to feel safe. What the hell is a camera going to do??


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  1. I have cameras on my house and garage.
    The creeps still come out and yank on the door handles of our vehicles.
    I’m usually sleeping at 2:30 am. I brought pics (not the best quality)to the cop shop. And was given an incident number.
    If you go after these kids you get charged with assault.
    You cant win.

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