Anonymous Submission #0051 – No Dogs Allowed


Please post anonymously for me about that thrift store on Red River Road.


I went in with my little cousin and my tiny dog who I was holding. I was going to put her in the cart on top of her blanket and they wouldnโ€™t let her and they told me you can go put your dog in the car and you are welcome to come back and Shop.

I said โ€œI will not put my dog in a car while I shopโ€ I said โ€œweโ€™re coming in here to look for a dress for this little girlโ€ the woman who works in there proceeded to say that itโ€™s not that hot out for the dog to be in the car.

Also the little girl I was with needed to use the washroom. I told her to ask the lady and I will wait outside with the dog. Before I walked out the lady said we do not let anybody use the washrooms I said not even children and seniors she said no.

I asked why not she said thereโ€™s too much mess to clean up after people.


Pure ignorance to make a child or even seniors wait to use the washroom. I will never shop there again and also their prices have gone Sky High $6.99 for a freaking DVD are you kidding me!


3 Replies to “Anonymous Submission #0051 – No Dogs Allowed”

  1. Thanks for letting people know. I will never step foot in that store again. Some people are just rude and ignorant! Your right about the prices they are ridiculous! I feel sorry you guys got treated that way! Keep in mind thereโ€™s such a thing called KARMA!!

  2. Please, tell me where and which retail store, especially a clothing store, that you can bring a dog into! Nowhere is where, unless it is a service animal. People do not need to have a dog with them when they shop. Leave the animal at home!! Why do people think they are entitled to being their animals into stores? Just because this is a thrift store this does not mean the rules do not apply. And they are also not obligated to supply a washroom for the public! Do you have any idea what kind of messes people leave behind? I’d venture to say that you would not be too happy cleaning a bathroom that the public uses when your job is to be a retail worker, not a janitor!

  3. Seriously, why do people think they have the right to bring a dog into a retail store? No stores allow this unless it is a service animal! Leave your dog at home if you are going shopping! Other people do not enjoy your pet like you do, and who wants dog hair all over clothes they want to buy? And stores also do not have to provide a public washroom either! Employees are retail workers, not janitors. Do you have any idea what kind of messes people leave? How would you like to clean it up? The entitlement some people think they have is ridiculous.

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