Anonymous Submission #0058 – Let The Angels Ride


(OPINION) โ€“ Hey Pino, I would like to keep this anonymous.


I have a real issue with the police in this city harassing the H.A and not a single f***ing word about these little gangs causing so much fear on everyone in this city!

When the Hells Angels were known to our community the streets were cleaner, safer and less fear among us all.

Iโ€™m not saying that they are perfect however, there was way less crime, almost unheard of overdoses and less violence.

For instance, the home that was just shot up, why on earth are they pulling over the H.A at a time when these bullshit gangs are shooting up family homes that have CHILDREN in them! It literally made me disgusted to see a baby swing and a bullet hole next to it!


It looked as if they were searching their bikes ( I may be wrong ) although I am angry, I am angry at the fact that this city has went from a decent city to a fucking disaster in a short period of time ( matter of years ).

The cops need to realize that they can NOT handle the crime, I am sure they are doing their bestโ€ฆ.. But their โ€ best โ€ is not good enough!

Let the H.A be, let them do the clean up!
Sure, this post will get heat but correct me if I am wrongโ€ฆ.. Our police canโ€™t handle the crime, cars being broken into, people being stabbed, overdose after overdose, drug deal after drug deal, what looks to be 14 year old girls hooking on McKenzie Streetโ€ฆ.. Murder, the list goes f***ing on!

I wont even take my kids to the fair because I am worried about a shooting that may happen or stabbings, like wtf!

This city needs to have a good clean up and Iโ€™m not just talking about the hard working people taking time out of their day to do the garbage and needle clean ups ( which thumbs up to all of you that do this ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘Œ)

Iโ€™m just tired, among many people in this city.
I am exhausted worrying about my children going to their friends homes to play and hang out because you just never know anymore.


And let me be clear, I respect the police, I teach my kids to also respect them but this crime has become out of control and something more needs to be done.


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    1. I completely agree! I was just talking about that same thing this weekend with friends. I live in Fort Frances and you can feel the tension here. People are scared. Iโ€™m not one of those people but I empathize With the ones who have little ones to watch over.
      If they hadnโ€™t run the bikers out, it would be a different story ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ

  1. I agree, H.A. Kept the wanna be gangs under control. Respect!!! Now we have crack dealers from down east trying to run the show.

    1. I agree the H.A. when they were in our city it was much safer. They do make a difference. How they stay in the city again. They are real nice guy . I would live next store to any one off them. They clean up street and get kids and adults that are f***ing up this city back on track.


  3. How do I put this. The Thunder Bay police force does not control the Guns and Gangs Unit. Unlike how they let on. An outside force controls who they focus on. That force makes the public believe the HA are the worst of the worst. This force wants to take down HA and let the street thugs take over. From an insider

  4. I agree. No Hells Angels have ever been convicted of violent offences or drug dealing. They are 1% outlaws who never break laws to pad their own bank accounts. They are a social service who worldwide are on a mission to cure all social ills and become our benevolent caretakers. If we let them break laws then they can kill all the bad-apples and keep our kids safe.

  5. I totally agree, leave them alone and allow them to get rid of the gangs here, Thunder Bay has become a sess pool of crime, and cops can’t seem to control it, so let the Angels do their thing

    1. Wgen I was a little girl we lived around the corner from a biker club house. It was the safest place. No crime , break in and we could okay outside I in Sumner until the lights came on. I understand what you’re saying . It madmen perfect sense to me.

  6. You people are fools. The hells angels are a highly organized criminal organization. Organized, and less savage and amateurish than the gangs from southern Ontario that have shown up as of late, and better at ensuring innocents donโ€™t get caught in the crossfire, but donโ€™t kid yourself into thinking the hells angels are a benevolent police force. They are criminals peddling drugs.

  7. Hell, Yeah we need H.A I felt safe when they were taking care of shit and no pansy ass gangs killing us.

  8. All you people saying HA is good are fucking dumb they do the same shit the guys from Ottawa and Toronto do they are no different lmfao give your head a shake guys are you really that stupid hells angles have been causing shit in thunder bay for years ans there time is over

  9. At least the HA have respect for those that donโ€™t cross the line,unlike the gangs and others.They arenโ€™t robbing stores/breaking into homes/stabbing people ,the list goes on and on,need I say more!

  10. Ugh! So much NO! Adding another violent gang to a city with violent gangs will NOT solve our violent gang problem! Our police can’t handle the job because their simply aren’t enough of them for a city this size. We need to be advocating for additional officers and cars on every shift, not for handing our public safety issues over to notorious and violent gangs. Also, there wasn’t not less crime and violence when the HA were here, Facebook just wasn’t popular yet and so most of us didn’t know or didn’t pay attention to the crime that was surrounding us.

  11. All you people saying you don’t feel safe must live in a s**t part of town cause I feel perfectly safe in my neighbourhood. And no I don’t live in some wealthy area, I live in Westfort. Sure there are little punk b*****s breaking into cars at night but you get these fleas in any area no matter where you live.

  12. The cops control what the media reports. Paints clubs in a very bad light with the terminology used. Statistics show that there are more criminals in the police than any bike club. So much so that one would have to combine a large number of bike clubs to even come close to matching the number. Funny how you never ever see the outpouring of help the HA give needy people, families, businesses every year through hard work with public fundraisers. A few of you sheep really need to stop accepting what you are spoon fed as gospel. Do some research and get the facts before opening your mouth about something you know little about other than the slanted views you were fed so the police get a bigger budget next year

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