(THUNDER BAY, ON) โ€“ย The Thunder Bay Police Service have made another drug bust involving people from the Toronto area of our province.


A 23-year old Stanley Sarfo and 21-year-old Tamar Glenvin Miller, both from southern Ontario were arrested yesterday after being surveilled by police for a substantial amount of time.

Justice of the Peace Bruce Leaman is presiding, along with Federal Crown Attorney Ron Poirier and a duty counsel lawyer.

Sarfo and Miller is charged with:

  • Possession for the purpose of trafficking (cocaine)
  • Possession of proceeds of crime over $5000 (cash)

The Crown tells the court that Sarfo and Miller has no connections to Thunder Bay, such as school, work or family. He suggests that Miller and Sarfo were only here for one reason.


A residence in Academy was searched by police, and has been under surveillance since June of 2018. Both Sarfo and Miller have been watched by police for some time.

Police seized a substantial amount of cocaine estimated in value around $96,000 during the search warrant, and found crack cocaine on Sarfos person. Over an ounce of crack was located on Millers person.

Crown Attorney Poirier is not consenting to Sarfo or Millers release, and cites all three grounds as reasons.

Sarfo speaks for himself, as he doesnโ€™t seem interested in having duty counsel represent him. He requests a remand to tomorrow so he can obtain a lawyer.

Duty Counsel requests a remand to tomorrow for Miller.

Justice of the Peace Leaman orders Sarfo and Miller to remain in jail until at least tomorrow.


We will update this article with more information as it becomes available.



  1. What I don’t get is how Reggie (Culley) is getting deported because he stole to feed his addictions yet the assholes feeding the addictions get slaps on the wrist and released back into our community. I can speak personally that Reggie is a soft spoken, kind man who has addictions. He needs help getting treatment , not deportation!!! Why don’t they find ways to get rid of the low life’s that prey on weak people.

    1. s**t, you be in the states and you would not get out until after a lengthy prison term. I came back home to Canada to get away from all that stuff. It didnโ€™t take long for the dealers to get into the action. It sucks. And I live in small town Canada.

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