Another Victoriaville Mall Area Bank and Business to Close Down


(THUNDER BAY, ON) โ€“ย Just as the CIBC did not long ago, Scotiabank in the south downtown core, one block down Victoria Ave from Victoriaville Mall is scheduled to close on June 14th, 2019.


The bank is located at the corner of Victoria and May streets, one block from the Royal Edward Arms and one block from Newfies/Victoriaville Mall. The bank is in a beautiful building, but the area has been overrun by drug deals and used needles in back alleys.

Scotiabank says that all customers that have accounts at this location will be transferred to their new location which will be located near the corner of Arthur Street and Parkdale just out front of Movati.

The new location is going to have longer hours with a more modern and updated banking centre.

TRCCTB.COM spoke to one Scotiabank customer who seemed excited about the move. This customer, who spoke on condition of anonymity told us that they are looking forward to going to the new bank, as there is โ€œno way in hellโ€ they would goto the Victoria and May location to either deposit money or withdrawal.


When asked why they would not utilize the south downtown core location, we were told that the person did not feel safe or trust the regulars who linger around the area.

This is the second bank to shutter its doors in the area. Gemโ€™s Burgers and Fries also closed their doors in December.


7 Replies to “Another Victoriaville Mall Area Bank and Business to Close Down”

  1. I wonder how many people will call this person a Racist for speaking the truth. The area is a total sh%t show with the Newphie’s pub clientele.

    1. Why would it be considered a racist post? I see just as many white junkies and lowlife scum as any other race that frequents the area.

  2. the costs of political correctness and “free” needle programs are far and wide reaching. Too bad so many are ignorant of those realities.

  3. I avoid Victoriaville Mall at all costs.
    Sometimes I have to go to the clinic there but I quickly go in and try not to make eye contact. People asking me if I want Suboxin!
    Im pushing my baby! The people that hang out there are so comfortable to pull out crack pipes because nobody does anything about it.

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