(THUNDER BAY, ON) โ€“ Appearing in courtroom 104 by telephone from the Fort Frances Ontario Provincial Police detachment is 27-year-old Joshua Robert Ottertail.


Her Worship, Justice of the Peace Jennifer Neill is presiding, along with Katrina van Kessel as Crown Attorney and duty counsel.

Ottertail is facing the following charges stemming from a September 10th, 2018 incident:

  • Assault
  • Utter threat to cause death
  • Breaxh of bail conditions (No alcohol or substances banned under the CDSA)

The Crown is opposed to Ottertails release, and indicates that this is a reverse onus situation.

A reverse onus means that Ottertail has to show the court why he should be released, and in this case, it is likely because he was already on bail when these allegations occurred.


The Crown intends to put Ottertail to his onus, and cites concerns based on the primary and secondary grounds.

Primary grounds indicates the Crown believes the likelihood of the accused to appear for heir future court date is unlikely.

Secondary grounds indicates the Crown believes the accused is likely to reoffend or become a public safety concern.

Lastly, the Crown requests for a 516(2) order, which would restrict the accused from contacting or communicating with the complainant.

Duty counsel requests a bail hearing tomorrow, and states that the accused informed them that his surety is only in town tomorrow.

Ottertails surety is from Fort Frances, Ontario in the 1100 block of Fort Street East.


Her Worship, Justice of the Peace Neill orders Ottertail not to contact the complainant while in custody, and remands him back into custody pending a Wednesday bail hearing.



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  2. Fort Street is not an existing street in Fort Frances. Lol. Also, what is the point of including where his surety lives?

    1. The point of including the block where he will be residing is to alert the public there is a potentially violent person in the area.

      I don’t feel sympathy for criminals, I feel sympathy for victims.

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