(THUNDER BAY, ON) โ€“ Bill Mauro has entered the mayoral race for this falls Thunder Bay election.


Mauro was previously the MPP for the Thunder Bay โ€“ Atikokan riding.

He was seen at city hall filling out the paperwork for the mayors race.

We will update this story later.



    1. agreed. Thunder Bay has had way too many liberals and that explains the sorry state of the city.

    1. Umm, I don’t think Thunder Bay has ever had a conservative mayor.

      If you want NDP, the whole council is already NDP socialist right down to the bone…

      Giertuga is NDP
      Angus is NDP
      Pugh is communist turned NDP (very little difference anyway)
      Foulds is hardcore NDP
      Hobbs pretended to be conservative but has always been an NDPer making his living from a union
      Shelby is NDP
      Ruberto is NDP
      McKinnon is an NDPer too

      and Im sure Im forgetting more.
      Thunder Bay needs a real Consevative more than ever. NDP mentality and liberal policies are what has destroyed us to this low level. Its going to take conservative policies for the next 30 years to even have a slight hope of saving Thunder Bay. I doubt that it can or will happen.

  1. hmmmm, he never showed any interest in municipal politics until he lost his MPP job. Personally I will be supporting Mr Pullia. He has showed true interest in out community. He volunteers constantly and shows true Civic commitment.

  2. Walter, ken boshcoff has been our mayor and has run for the conservatives. Personally I am interested in a candidate that has a genuine interest in our community. Frank Pullia has been an alderman that goes above and beyond , he volunteers a lot, he has done a lot to help reconcile with Indigenous Peoples. He is truly invested in our community at the municipal level. Bill Mauro is a recently unemployed politician with a well known name.

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