(THUNDER BAY, ON) โ€“ย A 41-year-old Luke Monk (pictured unavailable, please send to appeared in a Thunder Bay bail court this morning by video from the Thunder Bay Police Service station.


Her Worship, Justice of the Peace Denette Maslach was presiding along with Crown Attorney Franceline Auclair and a duty counsel lawyer.

Monk was arrested on allegations of breaking and entering into a home near Ogden Street and then committing mischief.

His charges are:

  • Break and enter to commit mischief
  • Failure to comply with a probation order (keep the peace and be of good behaviour)

The Crown is refusing to consent to Monkโ€™s release this morning, and cites the secondary ground concerns. She does inform the court that this is a Crown-onus situation. This tells us that the Crown is either looking for a strong bail plan, or they intend to show cause as to why Monk should be detained.


A Crown-onus situation is when it is on the Crown to show why someone should be detained rather than released.

Monk is held in custody and has a court date set for Wednesday, November 21st, 2018 where he will have another crack at being released.

He is escorted back to his cell at the Thunder Bay Police Service station, where he will wait to be transported to the Thunder Bay District Jail.



  1. Ogden street is becoming a popular street. Drug dealers overdoses break and enter. Just a few bad apples and your house value has gone down.

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