Car Hoppers Hit Northwood Overnight Again


(THUNDER BAY, ON) โ€“ย Tbey say there is no rest for the wicked, which includes last night.


Thieves ransacked vehicles overnight in the Northwood neighbourhood as their victims lay asleep none the wiser.

Vehicles across the area had their doors checked by criminals who were lurking throughout the night, likely for booze or drug money.

Most of the time we hear about bursts of cars being ransacked, we are informed that some cars had windows smashed out in order for the thieves to gain access. Overnight last night we have not received any reports of smashed windows.

Citizens have several options when deciding how to handle their vehicles being targeted. Below we have listed some options:

  • Remove all valuables from your vehicle and leave the car doors unlocked. This allows criminals access to your car without the need to break a window. This leaves your car vulnerable to being used as a spot to get high or being stolen entirely.
  • Remove all valuables from your vehicle and lock the doors. This will reduce the likelihood of criminals utilizing your car as a spot to get high and possibly โ€œhot-wiringโ€ the vehicle, which may result in the whole car being stolen.
  • Park your car in your garage and lock all garage doors. Having an alarmed garage helps mitigate any theft.
  • Get a car alarm. Thieves donโ€™t like loud noises, especially when they are high on hard drugs.

If you have any other ideas on how to thwart the car hoppers in town, please add your idea to the comments.

Pboto courtesy of a Northwood resident.


5 Replies to “Car Hoppers Hit Northwood Overnight Again”

  1. My car was broken into two nights ago. Nothing was taken but my glovebox had been ransacked and items strewn on the floor and passenger seat. This is the third time in as many years.

  2. l saw a car-hopper on camera at 3:40 am Tuesday morn. on Kensington Drive,near Ironwood.
    He/she ran through the front lawn, quickly pulled on the door handles then took off.
    This happened in a matter of seconds. The car doors were locked.

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