CAUGHT ON CAMERA – VicVille Security Spit On, Kicked In Nuts, Woman Tossed


(THUNDER BAY, ON) โ€“ Yet another incident in the city in which an authority figure is abused on the job. This time the events unfolded at the notorious Victoriaville Mall.


Itโ€™s unknown why the woman was being detained initially, but what we pieced together is that the woman had spit on the security guard before the video occurred, and then it appears she kicked the security guard in the ding dong during the shuffle.

Around this time the security guard can be heard wondering out loud where the other security guards are and that โ€œthis is bulls**tโ€.

An indigenous male who was on scene was smart and whipped out his smartphone camera to begin documenting the incident. He later sent it in to TRCCTB.COM. Excellent.

Shortly after the male started to record the interaction this woman was having with the security guard, a male started to obstruct his view and requested he stopped recording. Some back and forth banter began between the two.


Once the Thunder Bay Police Service arrived shortly after this video was made, the woman was handcuffed and placed into the back of a police cruiser. Police are continuing their investigation.

Below is the videos sent in by a REAL Concerned Citizen โ€œSugarheadโ€, his statement as well.

โ€I was having coffee, until I heard screams, yelling and I checked what was going on. Thatโ€™s when I approached the scene. Woman in distressed. I donโ€™t think she was stealing or anything like that. I donโ€™t know exactly what started the commotion but She might have did something to the security guard . And security pretty much hold her against her well and not let her go. Thatโ€™s when it escalated. The security guard did more damage physically and more than 3 people approached the security to stop being rough. I was one of them. Cops came by and the woman was cool when they showed up.โ€ โ€“ Sugarhead


Second video below.

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41 Replies to “CAUGHT ON CAMERA – VicVille Security Spit On, Kicked In Nuts, Woman Tossed”

  1. here we go again, wah wah wah, poor natives, so sick of everything turning into racial issues.
    the security gaurd did his job detaining a person that was fighting back, this guy recording trys turning it i to a racial issue like they always do.. so sick of this shit…

  2. Not the guys business to bother the guy recording it. Heโ€™s not a cop. But itโ€™s your right to record for both sake.

  3. Old guy definitely looks stupid. If he worked there, and wanted this craziness out of the mall he should let the camera roll. Cameras work. People are scared of the lens. FILM EVERYTHING!

  4. she was at Timmies asking everyone for money, knocking on windows and standing in the drive thru. Probably got kicked outta there for that and being high on something and started doing the same at Victoria Ville

  5. They say the camera doesn’t lie. However, in this case, the incident should have been recorded from the beginning to encompass the actions of the woman that precipitated the requirement for security to step in. Accordingly, what we see is somewhat one sided. Picking up the action half way in, only to create the implication that the woman was being unfairly mistreated isn’t right nor is it a true representation of actual events. It’s unlikely the security guard simply felt like roughing someone up unnecessarily. In all likelihood, she did something to precipitate the interaction.

    The interference of video recording by “Ted” is wrong as well. His efforts to conceal the unfolding activity is suspicious. Had he been smart enough, he would not have interfered with the video recording. He should have allowed it to continue unimpeded and if he had knowledge of why the scuffle broke out, he should have commented on the video as to why the woman was being subdued. Trying to hide the scuffle happening behind him makes him appear partial toward protecting the actions of the security guard, which in my opinion, from what we see, did not appear to be unwarranted nor excessive. Therefore, there was no need to hide that evidence.

    Ted really looked stupid pulling out his phone to “counter-record” the person recording the scuffle. What did he possibly think he was accomplishing, recording a guy making a recording? That was not only foolish, it was an uncalled for affront to the person he was recording. Had it been me, I would have simply ignored him from the moment he began to interfere and walked around him to continue recording. If he tried to lay hands on me to prevent me from recording, that would be recorded as well and used as evidence of an assault.

    Would be interesting to hear of any charges being pressed as a result of this altercation.

  6. The woman howling on the ground is a huge crackhead and thief. So is the white chick who tries to intervene. I know it’s hard to hear a woman scream, but there is a high chance that she did something unlawful, and we should stick up for police and security who are putting their life on the line to keep order and make people accountable for their actions.

    1. Especially the security in that hell hole.
      Having to deal with all the pieces of excrement that loiter in that dump, must be horrible.

      No doubt this guard has had to deal with the garbage in there before.

      Why does the camera dude try to put some victim spin on it immediately?
      “Is it because I’m native?”
      What the hell kind of question is that and what does it have to do with anything?
      Stop needlessly race baiting at any chance you can and try to realize no ones out to get you.
      The security cameras in that building would have caught the entire episode from the get-go.
      it would have caught all the people she tried bumming crack cash off,
      all the people she pestered, everything leading up to this event.

      And of course, we have to crucify this security guard for dealing with this street trash.

      Too bad we don’t have security guards who can wave a gun around like in some states.

      Youtube “GRSE” and watch this security guards body cam videos.
      Simply amazing – yet very similar to what our guards have to deal with in Vic Vill.

    2. You say ” White chick”? So why didn’t you mention the ethnicity of the Indian girl eh? Both are significant otherwise it is made racial against Whites and there is enough of that!!

    3. @Glenda i said “white chick” to differentiate between who i was referencing in my sentence. If I said “native girl” instead, you’d still be pissy and offended –without merit. Grow the fuck up and stop thinking the world is out to get you…
      the rest of us couldn’t care less the ethnicity of who’s on the ground, they’re causing a ruckus -white or brown.

  7. The problem is with people recording is simply the fact the main parts like her scratching him and spitting on him get left out; making the security guard look like the bad guy when really he was doing his job and defending himself. However with it being a native woman it is very likely the guard will lose his licence and his job cause the hole story isnโ€™t there. Also if his back up was around to do their job it wouldnโ€™t have turned out the way it did so between his partners being MIA and Only parts of the story on video a good guard will most likely to lose his job and more. So if the other 2 guards are reading this way to have his back, this could all have be prevented.

  8. Iโ€™m disgusted by the person filming. How can you be so racist towards people trying to help control that messed up person. Number one priority, keep the public safe. Whatever it takes. And yes, anyone especially the security should be holding this person down until police arrive. This city is just going downhill because itโ€™s full of people like the guy holding the camera.

  9. What does race have to do with this. The security guard is there to do a job (which is right in his job title ) regardless of his race, the race of the patrons and the race of anyone breaking rules. We all know that you cant always tell someones race by looking at them and who to say that he isnt native himself??? But regardless if you get caught breaking the rules you get dealt with, no special treatment based on race. Also if we can no longer do our jobs unless we’re dealing with someone that shares our race then that is going backwards in the progression of our society, so instead we just consider everyone a human or take a pile of steps back and hire guards (and every other job out there) from every race so everyone can deal with their own “people”.

  10. This city is full of racism. Only the priveleged will always get covered up and all natives are bad people.. okay we have it all summed up. Natives are wromg and white people are right.

    1. ANON: people like you are the problem with this city. everyone is equal but when you expect “Special treatment” and dont get your way everything seems to get turned into a racial issue, i have plenty of friends that are native and feel the same way, there are bad people in every race.. i work as security myself and am sick and tired of bieng called a racist for doing my job.
      time to wipe the slate clean and start fresh with everyone as equals, no more of this special treatment shit, our debt to your ancestors is long over paid. we arent the same people as our ancestors were….. i agree it was horrible what happened in the past but why milk it for so long? our ancestors on both sides are long gone… everyone should be treated as equals and pay the same taxes etc…

    2. Privileged? People work hard for what they have. If you want a better lifestyle for your family that’s what you do. Theres no privilege here. Try getting up before noon and get a job. Dont wait for the mailman to bring your privileges.

    3. nobody even said that…..a women was being setained for a reason, screaming and accusing this guard of raping her..then she is spitting on him and kicked him in the nards..tell me at what point is this about a native and white person…keep spewing the hate

  11. why did’nt the security guard let her do her drugs in the mall? doesn’t he know she has mental ilness called drug addiction.
    yee haw! yee haw!

  12. My children and I have been victims of racism, can confirm this is not racism just security trying to detain. Did she scream rape? That’s a serious word that shouldn’t be screamed unless necessary, shame on her.

    1. “Shame on her”? Do you think she’s even remotely capable of feeling shame? People that low don’t know what shame is. Shameful conduct is their way of life.

      Abusing welfare, begging, drugging, drinking, pumping out kids to increase welfare to get more booze/drug money and mistreating those very children are hallmarks of the way they operate.

      Hate to say it but, these type of people are incorrigible. They’re a scourge to society and, in all likelihood will continue to be until they’re flushed out of the system.

      The only positive is that their “lifestyle” does not lend itself to longevity. The drugs, booze, disease and violence usually have them checking out a an early age, thankfully.

  13. Most of this is just the usual , the chief should be involved as he and other members use the racism card. Stop sending mixed messages, figure out why ,not just say words that you are not willing to back up. Go and see why is this is not the duty of the reserve police as they seem to think Thunder Bay Police are the problem. Give out their number and see the calls come rolling in.

  14. Wow – I am native and I pay taxes. I started paying taxes when I chose to live off the reserve. You only get your full cheque if you live and work on the reserve. Anywhere else we are subject to paying taxes.

    1. I know for a fact people live off the reserve, but use a reserve address so they dont pay tax, and I mean lots of them do

    1. actually they do have the legal right to detain you if you are suspected of wrong doing, they may not hit you or use excessive force but they are allowed to hold and detain.

    2. If the security guards gets assaulted just like an average person has the right to defend themselves. But they are under higher standards so they have to show greater restraint. I feel bad for security guards and police officers dealing with these pieces of shit that when they fuck up they scream racism to try to get lesser sentences, you want to do the crime do the time and shut the fuckup

  15. Wow!! Knocking the security guard for doing his job (they do that to cops too), playing the race card game, the racist remarks against Whites, and the list goes on — all pathetic!!!!

    1. Hobbs encouraged and grew the problem. He’s the author of this dilemma.

      He and his administration opened the door for the influx of the social issues we have today. It’s worse now because, like a disease left untreated, it’s growing out of control. This is the legacy of he and his ineffective council.

      Unfortunately, without immediate and decisive action to curb lawlessness, overwhelming drug/alcohol and welfare abuse, this problem will persist. I doubt there is the political courage for the present mayor and council to deal with problem in a meaningful way.

      We’re stuck in this sh!thole with no prospects of improvement anywhere in sight unless we move away.

    1. Good luck with that Maggie.

      How many of these habitual drunks/druggers do you think would sign up for rehab? The only time you’ll see it is when a judge has the courage to order it. And even then, the patient will, in 90% of the time, just go through the motions burning down the clock until they get out a back at it. They even abuse the methadone clinics for a free buzz and brag about it.

      It’s delusional to think that these people want to straighten out. The vast majority are lifetime welfare recipients blowing govt money on alcohol and drugs with no intentions of ever going straight, getting a job, supporting themselves and being contributing members to society. The only way that will happen is for society to stop enabling them. The best way to do that is to stop giving them free money. The sooner govt officials understand that and enact policies to get these chronic parasites off the dole, the sooner the problem will be begin to be resolved. Without welfare to keep them in drug and booze money, they’ll have to straighten out or die doing it.

  16. these people need help badly, white people as well, and the guy who tried to stop the other from recording is an idiot! It’s a good idea that people can record this sort of thing, things happen and at least people have proof as to what said/done, unfortunately it wasn’t recorded from very beginning but just becuz security guards have a title, doesn’t mean they are “ALL THAT”, they abuse their power as well as the police. And the old guy should have just minded his own business instead of looking like an ASS!

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